Massimo Moratti Interview After Bayern Defeat

As he returned to the Saras offices, president Massimo Moratti answered some questions for waiting journalists about Inters Champions League defeat. I have also included my opinion in blue under Moratti’s reply

President, looking back, what are your thoughts on all the comments made about last night’s defeat?
“I think it was a good game which could have gone either way, but it went in the worst way possible for us. Inter played well and we set up some great chances. Our biggest problem was conceding a goal in the last minute when there was no time to react.”

I have to agree with Moratti, we did play well given we only had two strikers available, one of which is really out of form this season, no offence Pandev but I think we would have had a harder time with him on the pitch!

Do you think Inter can make a comeback in the second leg?

“Inter must score one goal more than they do, then either it goes to penalties or we have won. So it’s not impossible. To some extent it will depend on luck.”

We are definitely still in this game, there’s still at least 90 mins to go in this tie and Inter have come back from being behind plenty of times this season so I’m confident we can get the result in Germany

Compared with the Champions League final played in Madrid last May against Bayern Munich, did you miss Milito or Mourinho more?

“I was missing a centre forward who could give the team depth. Inter have had to change their game a little to suit this type of play. They expressed themselves well on the pitch and showed they could be dangerous, but it’s obvious that this was a good opportunity.”

As much we all miss Mourinho we have to agree that Leonardo is doing a great job for us, but I have to agree with Moratti we needed another striker up front with Eto’o. There were a few times during the game where Eto’o looked stranded up front alone. But at least this is only a temporary problem as we have got quality strikers it was just unfortunate that Pazzini is cup tied and Milito is injured.

If you had to criticise Inter last night, what didn’t you like?

“I haven’t had time to analyse it yet, but I must say that we were all disappointed with the result, though not with how the team played.”

The team played very well given the situation, it wasn’t an easy game but we held our own, we were just unlucky to concede the last minute goal

Did you like the team that Leonardo picked?

“It was the right team to play, I wouldn’t have chosen a different line-up.”

In my opinion he was right to choose that team, as I said before if he had put Pandev up front with Eto’o it wouldn’t have helped with him being so out of form

On Sunday evening Inter take on Sampdoria and can’t let up, especially because AC Milan have to play Napoli…

“For one day we’ll think about yesterday’s defeat, even if it won’t be easy. Against Sampdoria we’ll have a striker like Pazzini and then we’ll see.”

We need a win against Sampdoria to keep the pressure on Milan but we need some luck to get a draw in the Milan v Napoli game

Yesterday Julio Cesar seemed a bit unsure of himself.

“He’s a goalkeeper who has worked miracles for us in goal, every now and again you can make a mistake. It isn’t a serious problem.”

Media reports said “the Brazilian left his car in the San Siro car park and walked the short distance home having already apologised to fans and team mates for failing to cling onto the ball before Mario Gomez scored in the last minute.”  He is one of, if not the best keeper in the world but he seems to take these things to heart and blames himself like he did when Brazil got knocked out of the world cup, he really needs to have some confidence in his ability and accept that he can’t stop every shot going in, some will get past him and most of the time there’s nothing he could do about it anyway.

Following the three defeats suffered by Inter, AC Milan and Roma do you think the state of Italian football can be defined as worrying, or are these three isolated events?

“We are talking about three different teams who played against different opponents, none of whom were easy. Whenever we lose everyone is crying doom and gloom, then, when we win, we are the best in the world. If we didn’t take things to heart so much we might be able to move ahead more efficiently.”

How can anyone say the state of Italian football is worrying? Inter won 5 trophies last season a feat that only a handful of clubs in the world have achieved!  If that’s something to worry about i think it’s time for football to call it a day.  No team in the world can win every single game they play it’s just not possible especially in European competitions

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