Inter have received the Ambrogino d’Oro award

Inter have received the Ambrogino d’Oro award. This afternoon, in the splendid Sala Alessi in Palazzo Marino, the Milan Town Hall, the Italian, European and World Champions were presented with the Ambrogino d’Oro award by the Mayor of Milan Letizia Moratti, accompanied by Sports and Leisure Councillor Alan Rizzi. Massimo Moratti and his family were present, as was the Nerazzurri management, the Board of Directors and the entire team, led by Leonardo and captain Zanetti.

“Thank you to everyone at Inter but a special thanks to Massimo Moratti, for his passion, his sacrifice and his commitment, which have helped put Inter on top of the world. It is an honour to be here today to present this award.” That was how Alan Rizzi opened the ceremony.
“Thank you indeed to Massimo Moratti,” added Mayor of Milan Letizia Moratti immediately afterwards. “This is a day of celebration for all Inter fans, myself included. It is a day of celebration for the entire city of Milan because Inter – regardless of who you support – are an example of excellence and of football at its highest level that carries the name of Milan throughout the world.

Today we can reward Inter for giving us those five incredible triumphs in 2009-10, for which they deserve a very special Ambrogino. Inter is a deep-rooted part of Milan’s history and being here to give the club its due recognition is an honour for me. And we should not only thank Massimo today but also his father Angelo, who handed down this great passion, this great love. Likewise, it is impossible not to remember another great champion, Giacinto Facchetti, who was a symbol of style, of Inter style.”

“Thanks to the mayor and to the city of Milan for this award. Inter are a big family and deserve this accolade. My team-mates and I are proud to be here today alongside president Moratti to remember all our success and emotions,” said the captain Javier Zanetti as the Ambrogino d’Oro was bestowed. Immediately afterwards the whole team, player by player, collected their scrolls to the sound of dozens of camera clicks.

After receiving the award, Massimo Moratti took the floor, visibly moved: “I too would like to thank the mayor, the Town Hall and the whole city for their support the Inter team that won everything and I think is close to winning everything again this year. I hope the city is as proud of this team as I am, both as a group and as individuals, for they have given us a lot of joy. And I can assure you that they are all extremely likeable and professional individuals. Thank you again, really.”

The Club took advantage of the occasion to thank Inter Club Palazzo Marino, which – coordinated by president of the municipal council Manfredi Palmeri and dedicated to Giacinto Facchetti – brings together Nerazzurri-loving local councillors and other council staff who contribute also through their institutional role.

At the end of the award ceremony in which Inter received the Ambrogino d’Oro, the Nerazzurri president Massimo Moratti spoke to Inter Channel: “I think this Ambrogino d’Oro is a prize for our courage, for what Inter has brought back home, not only for the club itself but also for the city of Milan. And what the city of Milan has done for Inter is extremely touching. Inter is Milan; the Inter fans have always been considered the true Milanese people… [he smiles]. Inter represent the pride of Milanese sport. Inter’s roots run deeper into the city than AC Milan’s, although the Rossoneri club have also done good things for the city. In any case, thinking about the present, it is our duty to try and bring home more of what has made everyone happy – success. That is our duty and I am happy to accomplish it.”

After the awards Massimo Moratti gave an interview to the awaiting journalists

Mr Moratti, which of the images shown during the Ambrogino ceremony did you like most?

“They were all wonderful. Each success was hard-fought and exciting so I enjoyed all our victories. I wouldn’t like to choose.”

The crowd roared when each player’s name was called out as they received their award scrolls but there was a particularly loud cheer for Diego Milito…

“It’s a good sign and it helps remind us how important a role he played throughout our Treble success. He deserves to get the recognition for who he is.”

Josè Mourinho wasn’t here today: should an award scroll be sent to him too?

“Of course. It’s only right that he should get one and that his presence should be felt here today, just as all the players deserved to be here. Who knows what he would have said today… Anyway, I’ll call him to reiterate our affection for him.”

Moving onto the league, how are Inter set for the run-in?

“I think Inter have done very well recently. Since January the team has done very well indeed. I’m extremely proud of what the players and Leonardo have achieved, and I hope they can keep it up now that they have the extra motivation of being close to reaching the target. I also want to thank them for what they managed to do in a difficult moment, at the end of 2010.”

Do you really believe it is possible to make up these five points?

“Anything is possible in football. It’s also possible that we could drop further back. We have to be very careful and not get carried away. At the moment we are five points behind; we have to hope that we do well and the others don’t do quite so well.”

AC Milan are very strong up front…

“Yes, they have done very well.”

Have you thought about who you want to win on Saturday evening between Juventus and AC Milan?

“People keep asking me that, but I haven’t thought about it yet…”

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