Samuel Eto’o trying (and failing) to get out of a parking ticket

I spotted this on a blog by Brooks Peck and it made me smile to see even superstars get caught by the dreaded traffic wardens, so I thought I’d share it with you all!

Oh, parking tickets. So many try to talk their way out of getting them, so few succeed. As futile as it can be to argue with the officers so steadfast in their soulless duty, people still try to talk them out of writing those tickets. Including footballers who make millions more than most could ever wish to have.
On the streets of Milan, Samuel Eto’o attempted to do the unlikely and outwit a ticket ninja. As you can see above, he went with a stern approach — leaning towards her and showing he means business by gesturing as if to say, “I am No. 1. You cannot do this to me.”
This only causes his adversary to harden her stance, though. Samuel will have to try another approach…

Pulling rank didn’t work, so Eto’o shifts gears and drops into a bedtime prayer position. “Perhaps if I show her that I am a God-fearing man of faith, she will understand that she must not impose her small fine on me unless she wants to suffer the wrath of eternal torment,” he thinks. She, however, does not relent.
Time to step it up…

Pity. Just beg — make her feel powerful — and maybe she will have mercy. Look, this other guy’s arm is even giving a thumbs up, urging her to go easy on this nice young man. But, she doesn’t blink behind her sunglasses and appears to whistle in a show of her increasing impatience.
Samuel has to play off this. Improvise like he does on the pitch and charm her with his suave adaptability…

Laugh it off and look away. Give her a little pat on the arm. Meanwhile, the old guy’s thumbs up grows more earnest and kind of threatening. She doesn’t appreciate this. Samuel’s charm is negated by grandpa sideburns over here.
Now it’s desperation time. There’s only one last thing to try. If this doesn’t work, Samuel will have to pay the fine that is surely less than what he spent on smoothies last week. So it’s time to pucker up…

No, attempting to kiss the dead-inside officer did not work, either. And so, after all that effort, Samuel Eto’o still had to pay the fine of about €50. Bummer.

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