My suggestions for the rebuilding of Inter Milan

After getting knocked out of the Champions league quarter finals by such an overwhelming scoreline many people (myself included) have been suggesting that Inter needs a major shake up of the squad and the way we do things, so I thought I’d write this post to share with you all what I consider to be a suitable solution to our problems ( Be warned some of my suggestions may be highly controversial amongst my fellow Interista)……
The first thing that must be changed is the management as Leonardo is not the right man to lead the Nerazzurri to glory next season, so who is? The obvious answer is our previous saviour Jose Mourinho but I don’t think he’ll be back with Inter for a fair few years yet(though I do think he will return one day), Pep Gaudiola has been linked in recent weeks but who knows how true that is, though he seems the most likely as there aren’t many managers that are capable of running a club of Inters stature so we’ll have to wait and see what Moratti decides.
This is where I do my armchair football management bit, since Leonardo came to the club he’s insisted on sticking to ultra attacking formations like 4-2-1-3 which as we’ve seen time and again leaves the defence weak and ends up with our best central striker playing out on the left, but I’ve always thought that a 5-3-2 would suit Inter much better so I’m going to base everything I suggest for the team on this formation (many years of playing football manager have proved this works for Inter, Ha ha!)

Im going to go through each section of the formation and say who I think is first choice, who should be back up, who should be bought and who should be sold. As much as I’d like to include players like Messi & C.Ronaldo in this I’m not going to because let’s face it that isn’t going to happen so I’m going for a more realistic approach.

Julio Cesar has had some stick this season but I still think he is one of the best in the world so he stays as first choice keeper, that said I think Inter should bring Viviano in as we already half own him and maybe rotate him with Cesar throughout the season. Then as a third keeper to act as back up we should look to our youth team, which means Orlandoni & Castellazzi should be sold or considering their ages let them retire.
I’ll start this bit with the central defenders which for my formation requires 3 first choice players the first two are fairly obvious with Walter Samuel & Lucio being definite first choices then the 3rd should be rotated between 3 others who should be Ranocchia and we should buy Kolarov from Man City or Mexes from Roma both of which are rumoured to be interested in a move to Inter, and also a talented youngster just to give a bit more depth. Which means Cordoba & Chivu should be sold and Materazzi should retire and be given some role at the club. Again relying on our youth team for any additional backup needed.
Next are our wingbacks who will be responsible for providing width up the pitch. On the right is Maicon & on the left we should make Nagatomo’s move permanent as these two are fantastic at playing these roles, as for backup we should keep hold of Santon and rotate him with either as he can play both sides but we could do with 2 other back up wing-backs and we should maybe look for talented youngsters that can play these roles for the youth team but also provide backup for the first team.
My vision for the midfield 3 is for the central most player to sit slightly back from the other two and act as a holding player so Cambiasso would be first choice in this position with Sneijder and either Fabregas or Modric (again both are being linked to Inter) providing the midfield creation with Motta, Stankovic, Kharja & Coutinho as the rotation players although if we sign Ganso then one of them would have to go and again backing them up with youth players. Now for the highly controversial bit Zanetti should hand over the captains armband to Cambiasso and hang up his boots to be given a role in the club like Materazzi, don’t get me wrong i have huge respect for both Zanetti & Materazzi as i have for everyone that helped us win the treble last season but at 37 it’s time they moved over and let the club evolve to stay among the elite clubs. Obi & Mariga should be sold as neither have really made an impact with the Nerazzurri and for this plan to work we’d need all the transfer funds we could get.
Spearheading our attack we should have two strikers, Eto’o and either Tevez or Sanchez depending on who we sign in the summer both strikers in central positions where they should be, with Castaignos and Pazzini as the rotation players which means selling Suazo, Pandev & Dell’Agnello with our youngsters providing back up for the first team, Also if we need to sell Milito too to get transfer funds in to buy the other world class players then so be it.

This proposal is highly realistic with us keeping the most useful of the current squad while disposing of the deadwood & strengthening the squad with a few quality signings, the down side is this will cost the club a fair bit but it is desperately needed for a club of our stature and the out going players will cover part of the costs maybe even doing part in the summer and part in January or next summer. (I have no idea how much money Inter has available for transfers so i don’t know how many players we can buy at once)
This formation would give the team the defensive and attacking balance we need at using youth players for back up gives them a bit of 1st team experience and also makes it easier for them to move up to the 1st team squad which will help in the long run with home grown talent. Let me know what you think of my suggestions and if you’ve got other suggestions let us know in the comments box.
P.S Mr Moratti if you read this and you like the sound of it I’d be happy to take over as manager & I don’t cost a lot! Ha ha!!!


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