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Inter’s Summer Transfers – Do They Really Fit In With Gasperini’s Formations?

With about a month left in this year’s summer transfer window have Inter lived up to the promises made at the end of last season? Unfortunately not! Don’t get me wrong I believe that the players we have signed will be useful to us, but I believe that the biggest thing holding us back is Gasperini’s formations.
We have signed two wing backs, Nagatomo & Jonathan, yet in Gasperini’s formations there is no place for wing backs meaning that these two and Maicon will be forced to play as wingers or full backs dependent on whether we’re playing with a 3 man or 4 man defence. It’s not just the defence that is causing problems with fitting players in, our biggest signing so far is Alvarez who plays CAM or as a winger but so far this pre-season he’s been pushed into a deeper midfield position or as right forward which in the match against Galatasaray he looked pretty uncomfortable in my opinion. Also on the subject of midfielders out of position Gasperini’s formations are also forcing Sneijder (one of the best trequartistas in the game) to play a deep central position which to be fair Wes is taking in his stride and playing well in, though it’s hardly taking advantage of the talent available.

The final problem with his formations in my opinion is the three forwards, the central position is fine with Pazzini & Milito perfect for this role but Eto’o out wide is a problem because he has said several times he wants to play in the middle even though he is great on the left and this could make up his mind about leaving us, also that leaves Pandev for the right and in my opinion he is a complete waste of space, yeah he gets a few goals but in a squad like ours i’m sure even I could score a few! My main problem with Pandev is that he lacks the skill of his team mates and to me he looks clumsy on the pitch.

The Ultimate Inter Line-up Of All Time – Who Made The Squad?

A couple of weeks ago while watching clips of old Inter matches on YouTube I started thinking about who would be in my ultimate starting line up of all time, this wasn’t quite as easy as i thought it would be as the more i thought about it the more quality players from Inter’s history came to mind and I ended up with a 8-10-6 formation which of course is ridiculous & I may as well have just written a post about all the greats of Inter’s history, which would be a very long job so i decided to find out who my fellow Interista would say deserved to be in the ultimate line-up. To keep things consistent i decided to go with the formation that i feel suits Inter’s players the best, so i asked my followers on Facebook & Twitter what their ultimate line-up would be on a 4-3-1-2 formation and i got some great replies, though it soon became clear that certain players were on pretty much all the answers, meaning that again i ended up with more players than i needed so the line-up is made up of the most voted for 11.
As we all know since they were formed in 1908 Inter have had some of the greatest players to ever grace a football field and as I received the replies this was shown clearly, just to give you an idea of the quality involved some of the names that didn’t make the cut were Lothar Matthäus, Armando Picchi, Roberto Baggio & Samuel Eto’o. These names alone are better than some big teams greatest names but the ones that were chosen I believe, & the results prove are the best of the best Nerazzurri legends.

Inter’s 2011/12 SerieA Fixtures & Predictions

Inter tickets
Last night the 2011/12 Serie A fixtures were announced and three of our biggest games will come on the 3rd, 10th & 18th weeks of the season. The dates of these fixture could possible be changed depending on how the teams involved do in other competitions, but for this I am going to list all our fixtures for this season as the dates given and give a brief prediction of how i think the match will go. Tickets for these matches are available by clicking the link above.
This years season will start at the end of August and finish in the middle of May, I for one am really looking forward to it after what has been a bit of a long strange summer transfer window.

Inter’s 4th pre-season friendly ends in an eventful 0-0 draw against Galatasaray

It was the fourth pre-season summer friendly for Inter yesterday against Turkish side Galatasaray played in the neutral venue of the rewirpowerSTADION in Bochum, Dusseldorf, which is a city of the largest Turkish community in Germany. It wasn’t a surprise to see that the stadium had sold out all of it’s 20,000 seats to see the Turkish giants take on the World Champions. The weather conditions were hardly perfect, with a temperature slightly above 10 degrees, heavy rain, a slippery pitch and a bothersome wind. It also proved to be that the Turkish team & fans were hardly perfect either with some nasty tackles & an incident involving the Galatasaray throwing flares in the second half. Both their players & fans were a disgrace considering this was supposedly a friendly, there is no need for fans of any club to be throwing flares on to the pitch & the crunching tackles coming from the Galatasaray players were out of order, if I didn’t know better I would have thought this game was a UCL knock out match not a pre season friendly & I feel that the Turk club should be fined for the behaviour of their fans.

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A salute to Marco Materazzi: “Tutti pazzi per Materazzi”

This summer has seen the end of Marco Materazzi’s time as an Inter player & as he leaves as a free agent after 10 years of service to the Nerazzurri , I felt it was fitting to look back at the 37 year old defender’s career & pay tribute to not only a great defender but a man who holds Inter in a special place in his heart like all good Interista. Due to his unpredictable personality & overly aggressive play he is known amongst fans & other players as ‘The Matrix’ & ‘The Butcher’. So where did it all begin?

His early life & Career
‘Matrix’ was born on 19th August 1973 in Lecce, where his father Giuseppe played for U.S. Lecce, Giuseppe also was a coach & manager of teams including Pisa, Lazio, Sporting CP & Tianjin Teda, so from a young age football was in Marco’s blood.

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The perfect Birthday gift for Facchetti- Inter cleared by FIGC

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has announced that Inter Milan will be allowed to keep the 2006 Serie A title, attributed to them in the wake of that year’s Calciopoli scandal.
A motion by the FIGC’s federal council declaring that there was “no judicial basis for the revocation” of the 2006 Scudetto was passed by 22 votes to one at a meeting in Rome, with two abstentions.
The Calciopoli scandal led to Juventus being stripped of the league titles they had won in 2005 and 2006 after it was discovered that they had been trying to influence referees.
Juve were also relegated to Serie B and deducted nine points, although they did win immediate promotion back to the elite.
The scandal also led to Fiorentina being deducted 15 points, Milan losing eight, and Lazio three points.
It was as a result of these punishments that Inter were retrospectively awarded the title.
However, a report by federal prosecutor Stefano Palazzi, released on July 4, accused Inter of also having “illegal” contacts with referees and said that they might also have been implicated at the time had all wiretaps been examined by police.
It was evidence from these wiretaps that led to the Juventus sporting director Luciano Moggi being banned from all Italian football for life.
Juve had sent a request to the FIGC in May 2010 asking them to leave the 2006 title vacant.
Reports suggest that Juventus may appeal the decision to the high court of justice but as far as the footballing world is concerned the case is now closed on this scandel that has cast a dark cloud over Italian football for the last five years.
The above report is quoted from the AFP but to sum up i’ll end this with a message of my own to all the Juve Scum out there on behalf of the Inter family around the world-
“Quit crying about the past & face facts that you got caught for being the cheating scum that you are & FC Internazionale is the most honest & talented team in Italy & if you can’t live with that fact f*#k off back to Serie B because no one cares what you think!”

Inter’s second pre season friendly against Mezzocorona ends 6-1

After a morning training session that included recovery programmes for Ivan Cordoba, Jonathan, Thiago Motta & Nelson Rivas. After the session it was decided that three players weren’t 100% and wouldn’t be involved in the afternoon friendly against Mezzocorona, missing was Yuto Nagatomo (slight muscle strain in the left thigh which he picked up during the morning session), Giampaolo Pazzini (groin fatigue, is this down to the fact he’s still a newly wed? You decide!) & also Walter Samuel (who is still involved in a strength training program after last seasons injury)

So on to the afternoon match which i got to watch on a very grainy & slow live stream that tested my paitence several times by putting adverts on at random times during the match including as Inter scored their first three goals, luckily for me (& the sake of my computer, which i was getting close to throwing out of the window!) it came back on just in time for the replays each time. The fireworks started early before the match when in a mark of respect for the great Giacinto Facchetti who’s 69th Birthday it would have been today, the players came onto the pitch all wearing the special ‘Grande Inter’ shirt with the number 3 on the back, which they then threw in to the crowd as a present for a lucky few Interista.

A week of Interviews for the Nerazzurri

The world’s press has been focused on Inter in the last week or so with the Sneijder transfer saga & the Calcioploi accusations against Facchetti, but the squad at the pre season training camp at Pinzolo have been concentrating on building their fitness & adapting to new coach Gasperini’s tactics. Although the main point of the camp is to get the players and staff ready for the upcoming season there has been a very fan friendly feel to the whole thing with Intersta flocking in their thousands to get a glimpse of their heroes training & also there has been various evening events around the camp to entertain and enthrall the fans present including various appearances by Nerazzurri stars & Gasperini it has just emphasised the whole Inter family philosophy that we are so proud of.

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Inter 6-1 Trentino. The new Nerazzurri show class

Inter’s first pre season friendly went with a bang as Gasperini’s flexed their muscles in a 6-1 win over local side Trentino this afternoon with usual suspects Pazzini & Eto’o scoring the first two goals in the 1st half. Trentino managed to claw one back with a high curling shot over Castellazzi. New boy Alvarez slotted home the 3rd and narrowly missed a wonderful long range effort from outside the box, Pandev gave Inter their 4th showing that despite being fairly slow & clumsy he can still put them away. The final two goals came from youngsters Castaignos & Longo. I have to admit I didn’t see the match as I was working but from what I’ve seen on YouTube Ricky & Luc both are showing that they are fantastic purchases for the Nerazzurri as well as the established players showing that the ‘Grande Inter’ is still is alive & kicking. I realise that we were only playing a small fry local team but the squad seems to be connecting very well & for me this upcoming season is looking very promising.

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