Inter presents new boys Castaignos & Alvarez, then Branca talks Transfers

This morning saw the forth training session at the Pinzolo pre season camp, after warm up exercises & tactical practice Gasperini allowed fans in to watch the second part of the session, which was concerned with physical & athletic training. Following the session Eto’o kept a promise made to a fan & stayed for half a hour to sign autographs & have his photo taken. Then this afternoon Inter’s new signings were presented to the assembled media.

First to be presented was Luc Castaignos, accompanied By Marco Branca & vice managing director Stefano Filucchi who was there on behalf of Massimo Moratti. Luc opened his presentation by saying “I’m really happy to be here at Inter,” He then event on to describe his characteristics “I’m a pacy forward and good at scoring goals. When the midfielders are on the ball I know which position I have to be in and when I should start my run.”

He also spoke about which players are inspirational to him “My number one idol is Eto’o. Which of my team-mates has impressed me the most? They are all fantastic players but I’ve been really impressed by Sneijder. He’s got so much quality, he’s good with both feet and he has this incredible way of playing football. I can learn a lot from these players. Now is the time to put myself to the test, in what I think is the best club in the world.”
Castaignos has chosen to wear the number 30 shirt for one simple reason “because I had that at Feyenoord and it gives me confidence.” I think Luc has got a bright future ahead of him at Inter, he may not get many starts this season but I believe the man they are calling the new ‘Thierry Henry’ will become one of them outstanding Inter strikers just check his stats HERE

Next came the player I’m very excited about seeing play in an Inter shirt, Ricardo Alvarez “Playing for the best club in the world is a marvellous feeling for me.”

Alvarez gained the nick name ‘Ricky Maravilla’ from his very first coach in Argentina “I began playing and the nick-name was given to me by that coach every game I played.” He was then questioned about the comments recently made by our captain Javier Zanetti who compared him to Kaka “I’m grateful to Zanetti,” said Alvarez, “for the compliments he made and for the comparison with such a great player, but I’m coming here with my very own style of play and I’ll try to be myself.”
“Having various Argentinian team-mates,”
he went on, “is a great help. Samuel, for example, at the moment is helping me a lot, since none of the others are here yet, as are Colombians Cordoba and Rivas and the rest of the squad have rallied round, too. I’ve really enjoyed these first few days, I’m settling in and we’re already working hard in order to win as many trophies as possible; I am really happy. I have chosen Inter, the best club in the world. Were Arsenal interested in me? Yes, that’s true, but I’ll say it again, Inter are the best team in the world.”
Ricky like his father has been an Interista since he was a child which is exactly what we need from a fantastic player like Alvarez as we know he will give his all to help the club just like the great Zanetti. “My father made me a present of an Inter scarf and I still have it.”He explains to the press.
So what type of player is Alvarez? “I’m a midfielder,” said Ricky, “but I feel at ease playing further up front too. Of course where I play is up to the coach, we haven’t spoken about it yet.”

The assembled press were quick to pick up on his shyness during the interview, He just smiled and said: “Ok I’m shy, that’s true, but that’s here and now in front of TV cameras, not on the pitch where I grew up and where I feel at ease.”
In my opinion Inter have struck gold by signing Alvarez & I can see him being an important player for us for years to come, to see what he did before signing for the Nerazzurri then click HERE

Once the presentations were over Inter’s technical director Marco Branca fielded questions from the press regarding transfers & rumours.

Can you give us an update on Wesley Sneijder’s situation?

“I don’t think there’s anything to be updated. This is a topic that I think you journalists are very keen on and it’s not the least bit surprising that Sneijder might attract interest from other clubs, some of the biggest clubs in the world including ourselves, so there’s no update to give.”

But there have been some bids made for the player…

“No, there haven’t been any concrete offers and we haven’t been waiting for any. He’s just getting on with his job, as we all are. We have to get through this period, these last 50 days: we know what we have to do, and that’s what the situation is.”

So you are saying that Sneijder is not for sale?

“That’s right, he is not for sale.”

Are you surprised to see that Maicon isn’t in the Brazil team at the moment?

“No… he’s having a rest. He’s played so much in recent years and at such a high level that even if he sits out for a few games, I think that can only do him some good, but I don’t think he’ll be resting for much longer because it’s very difficult to leave out a player as good as he is.”

Is Palacio an Inter target?

“We’re considering him.”

Mirko Vucinic?


Is it true that Pandev has rejected the chance to go to Genoa as part of a swap deal?

“No, he hasn’t said no simply because we have never asked him.”

So that move was never in the pipeline?

“I have never asked him if he wanted to move elsewhere, and I certainly haven’t named any clubs to him. I don’t ask my players anything unless there is something concrete.”

When will Jonathan join up with the team?

“We’re working on the last few details this afternoon and if everything gets sorted out this evening – because with the time difference there are always a few hitches with getting signatures and sending documents via fax – then he may come up here [to Pinzolo] late tonight or tomorrow.”

Of the players such as Banega, Casemiro and the other names being bandied around for the midfield, who are Inter really interested in?

“Those are names that you have come up with, they are good players, young players, and we’ve taken note, but for the moment we haven’t decided everything.”

Is Samuel Eto’o also to be considered not for sale at any price?


Gian Piero Gasperini said that Inter already have a full squad and that when the South Americans return from the Copa America there will be two players for each position. If we consider that Muntari and Mariga are leaving, you’re still a midfielder short, or are we wrong?

“In most cases you are wrong [smiling], but in this case you have confirmed the basic principle: we have a lot of midfielders. Alvarez is another one and our coach is probably planning on using two or three of them so if you do the maths we’re sorted as we are. We can’t complain because we’re happy with all the players we’ve got, and we don’t have to sell anyone.”

What can you tell us about Lucio?

“We’ve been having talks with Lucio for the last three or four months; both sides are cooperating and showing the respect that a big club and a great player should show each other. We do see things differently: I spoke to his agent two days ago and we’ll speak again in two days’ time, but I think everything will sort itself out after the Copa America when we meet face to face.”

Are we wrong when we say that you have to sell somebody to keep within the financial fair play regulations?

“No, you’re absolutely right.”

No, because when we keep hearing that everyone is not for sale it seems like we’re playing a game…

“You have your game to play and I have mine.”

It was to find out whether somebody might have to be sold.

“I think they will. What I was trying to say is that we don’t have to sell necessarily, we aren’t forced to do anything, because if it’s not now, it will be in 50 days’ time, and if it’s not in 50 days’ time it will be in 5 months’ time.”

Are there any meetings planned with Sneijder’s agent?

“No, there’s nothing planned.”

What can you tell us about Emiliano Viviano?

“We’ll sit down and decide with him what the best solution is, something that is both good for our club and that satisfies his desire for first-team football.”

Does the same thing go for Davide Santon?

“Yes, it’s the same for Santon.”

Have you received any offers for them?

“There are some clubs showing an interest but before we get to any concrete offers I think we’ll all just have to be a little bit patient.”


“He’s not in our plans.”

Since Gasperini doesn’t play with a man in the hole behind the strikers, won’t it be a bit difficult to fit Sneijder into the team?

“Gasperini has never said that, on the contrary he has always said that the thing he likes most about this team is its ability to fit into different formations, both from game to game and during the same match.”


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