Inter 6-1 Trentino. The new Nerazzurri show class

Inter’s first pre season friendly went with a bang as Gasperini’s flexed their muscles in a 6-1 win over local side Trentino this afternoon with usual suspects Pazzini & Eto’o scoring the first two goals in the 1st half. Trentino managed to claw one back with a high curling shot over Castellazzi. New boy Alvarez slotted home the 3rd and narrowly missed a wonderful long range effort from outside the box, Pandev gave Inter their 4th showing that despite being fairly slow & clumsy he can still put them away. The final two goals came from youngsters Castaignos & Longo. I have to admit I didn’t see the match as I was working but from what I’ve seen on YouTube Ricky & Luc both are showing that they are fantastic purchases for the Nerazzurri as well as the established players showing that the ‘Grande Inter’ is still is alive & kicking. I realise that we were only playing a small fry local team but the squad seems to be connecting very well & for me this upcoming season is looking very promising.

Scali; Moresco, Adami, Frizzi, Trainotti; Binelli, M.Donati, Hila, Berteotti, Mariotti; N.Donati.

Campigotti, Caterina, Collini, Cont, Dallape, Travaglia, Ettahiri, Farinati, Fratton, Galli, Giuliani, Mellarini, Zanotti, Zadra.

Coach: Florio Maran.


Castellazzi; Ranocchia, Samuel, Chivu; Nagatomo, Stankovic, Obi, Santon; Sneijder, Pazzini, Eto’o.

Viviano, Natalino, Bianchetti, Caldirola, Faraoni, Muntari, Mariga, Crisetig, Alvarez, Pandev, Castaignos, Alibec, Longo, Bessa

Coach: Gian Piero Gasperini.

Referee: Manuel Barozzi


“It was a good start that showed us how much enthusiasm there is in this group and we got to see some of the youngsters. The three-man defence won’t be a problem and we’re not short of men or ideas for different solutions.” Those were Gian Piero Gasperini’s first words as he spoke to Sky Sport 24.

He went on to comment on some of the individual performances: “Alvarez made himself noticed right from the start. Sneijder is a marvellous footballer and part of this group; he’s come across really well and he’s working hard. Nagatomo is great at getting forward, but we need to work on the timing of our movements in the final third. I was really impressed by Castaignos and Alvarez: they both showed good movement. The Dutchman is younger but he knows how to time his runs, and Alvarez will be an important player for this team.”

He was then asked how he sees the pre-season shaping up: “Our training camp is going well. We’re working in ideal conditions every day and we’re laying the foundations for a great season. Perhaps there are a few more tactical variations than in the past, but the players have been very receptive.”

Gasperini continued in his post-match press conference: “This first match was useful for me to observe, adjust and add some things. We started well then we lost our shape a bit, partly because of the injuries – though they aren’t serious fortunately. We’ll keep working hard and try to improve game after game. I must say that everyone has been putting in a lot of effort but you can only improve by playing. The transfer market? We’re cut off from all the rumours and the pitch is the only thing that counts.”

Joel Obi

He only made a brief appearance today (only 7 minutes) but he explained the reason he was substituted to the Inter Channel: “I had a small cut but I’m fine. It’s not even a problem anymore and I’ll be back out on the pitch tomorrow.” He also spoke about his first-team chances: “I’m pleased with the way the season is starting but I have to work harder to force my way into a side full of world-class players.”

Andrea Ranocchia

Another player to only make a brief appearance of 24 minutes was Ranocchia who spoke to the Inter Channel to reassure the fans: “I’m ok, I just twisted it a bit but it’s nothing serious. I think the game went well today. Our legs are a bit heavy with all the work we’re doing and we’ll need some time to take all the coach’s ideas on board, but as we train every day we’ll get better and better.”

Dejan Stankovic

With Javier Zanetti away on International duty with Argentina it was left to Deki to take on the captains armband for this friendly but he wanted to stress who the real owner of the Nerazzurri armband is: “No, Pupi is the real captain. I’m just doing my duty and filling in.” He went on to talk about the match
“We’re doing a lot of work but I’m happy. We can’t deny it: we started playing differently after about 25 minutes, we weren’t always playing as a unit but that will come with time.” When asked if this friendly fixture had been a useful test, Deki replied: “Definitely, we got to play together and that always helps you because it’s a team game and you learn to read each other’s game through habit.”
Stankovic also explained how the team would reach peak condition: “We have to work, but I think Gasperini is quite happy: we’re all on the same path. He wants to put across his playing philosophy and we are experienced so we’ll take it all in quickly as the days pass.”

Giampaolo Pazzini

The man who opened Inter’s goal glut gave an interview to the Inter Channel after the match “We’re having to knuckle down but it’s normal to feel tired in the first few days.” He went on to talk about the match: “The first 20 minutes went well and then the tiredness started to kick in, but as I said that’s normal at the moment. We’re trying out new things and our play isn’t always fluid yet. We still have a lot of work to do to improve all aspects of our game. My position? I often play facing the goal, that’s how I like it.”

Ricardo Alvarez

And last but not least is our star summer signing who is looking like he could have a bright future with the Nerazzurri after showing a lot of promise & scoring our 3rd goal “I’m really pleased,” declared the Argentinian midfielder speaking to Sky Sport Italia. “It’s a lot of hard work here but everything is great; we’re enjoying ourselves.”

Sky asked Ricky about his new coach: “Gasperini’s game is based on speed: win the ball back immediately and attack your opponents, then get the ball up the pitch and score.”

And on his future: “I know I have a lot of responsibility and I hope I can repay Inter for the faith they have showed me. It’s nice to be compared to Pastore: he’s a great footballer and I hope I can do as well as he has in Italy.”


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