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SerieA: Inter 1-2 Juventus, The misery continues for the Nerazzurri

The derby d’Italia definitely didn’t go to plan for Inter on Saturday as Juve took three points from the game and moved two points clear of AC Milan at the top of the table while our beloved Inter stays stuck firmly in the pits of despair down the other end of the table with a measly eight points from nine games, which in itself is unthinkable for the mighty Nerazzurri. 


Ranieri started the match with the same formation that we have used for several weeks now with Lucio and Chivu in the central defence, Maicon and Nagatomo as fullbacks (though as always they played the match as wingbacks), Obi replaced Motta in the three man midfield along side Cambiasso and Zanetti and Sneijder supporting Zarate and Pazzini up front.

Inter made a great start playing good aggressive attacking football and our first chance came after just three minutes with Pazzini trying to catch Buffon unawares by backheeling Maicon’s shot towards the near post but Buffon was alert to the danger and stopped it.  Minutes later Inter should have been one up as Maicon knocked the ball down for Cambiasso who seemed to rush his shot a little resulting in the ball missing the target by inches.

But the 12th minute saw Juve break the deadlock as Lichtsteiner sent in a low cross to Matri who was denied by a great save from Castellazzi but unfortunately the rebound fell for Vucinic on the edge of the area and he buried his shot into the back of the net while the Nerazzurri defenders stood shell-shocked and unable to do anything about it.

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Why we hate JuveScum: The history of the infamous Inter/ Juventus Rivalry

With the ‘Derby d’Italia’ approaching this weekend I thought it would be fitting to publish and update an article I wrote a couple years back when Nerazzurri World was just a Facebook page and Don Nerazzurri was an unknown Interisti from England trying to share my passion for the mighty ‘il Biscione’! Anyone that has read my tweets or knows me will know that like the majority of Interista I have a deep seeded hatred for both Juventus and also their fans (Collectively I like to refer to them as JuveScum), though it is this depth of feeling that for me makes the Inter v Juve fixtures the highlight of the season.

So how did the rivalry start?

The animosity between Inter and Juve is by no means a recent thing, the two most successful clubs in Italy have a long history of rivalry – at least some 50 years of it, though no one knows for definite what started it, most think that the rivalry goes back to the 1960/1 campaign and the famous 9-1 Juventus win. The story goes that second-place Inter came to Turin in April of 1961 to take on first place Juventus. Inter were only four points behind and had already beaten Juve 3-1 earlier that season in Milan. Unfortunately, so many fans turned up for the game (far more than the stadium could hold), that about 5,000 fans spilled out of the stands to watch the game from the sidelines, some even making their way onto the Inter bench. Despite this, the game started as planned but half an hour into the first half, the referee ordered the game abandoned because of the Juventus supporters on the pitch. According to the rules, Inter was awarded a 2-0 win (Juventus was a awarded a win under similar circumstances a couple years previous to this ruling).

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SerieA: Inter 1-0 Chievo, Motta goal secures another three points

Mid afternoon on Sunday 23rd October saw week eight of Inter’s Serie A campaign and Ranieri sent the same team out on to the pitch at the Meazza that won earlier in the week in the Champions league game against Lille, having the same effect by securing another 1-0 result for the Nerazzurri.

Again there were many good signs that Inter are getting back on track with Ranieri again using the 4-3-1-2 formation that works so well for our squad.  Ahead of Julio Cesar in goal he had Lucio and Chivu in the central defensive positions with the Romanian again covering for the injured Samuel.  Maicon and Nagatomo playing on either side of them and using their skills as wingbacks to surge forward to add an extra dimension to the attack, while the defensive midfield three of Zanetti, Cambiasso and Motta covered the defensive line and also supported the attack which consisted of Sneijder in the hole behind Pazzini and Zarate.  This is proving to be a useful set up for us and i’ll be interested to see how it will work when the injured pair of Poli and Forlan return to probably replace Motta and Zarate in this line up.

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Inter sitting in the relegation zone but who is to blame?

No one can deny that the start of the 2011/12 season has been a disaster for Inter with them sitting in the relegation zone at a lowly 18th place with just 4 points from a possible 18 making this possibly the worst ever start to a league campaign in our club’s history.  This got me thinking as to who should take responsibility for this disaster?  Is it the coaches? The players? or even our beloved President Massimo Moratti?  Well in my opinion it’s yes, yes and yes they are all to blame and have contributed to us being in this position.

I then started to think am I the only Interista that thinks this so I decided to ask the Inter Family on Twitter and Facebook to see what the general opinion was and the responses I received proved that there are many issues affecting Inter at the moment, fellow Nerazzurri World writer Hadibase wrote the article Blame the Management: The downfall of Inter Milan in which he gives his opinion on what’s gone wrong. 

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Blame the Management: The Downfall of Inter Milan

After the glory days of Jose Mourinho and the unprecedented treble, many of the Nerazzuri faithful were looking for a dynasty under the Portuguese coach, but it was never meant to be. After the departure of the legendary coach it was up to the teams management to sustain the standard of the team, but unfortunately Morrati and Co. didn’t keep up to the hopes of the fans.

After the world cup and the new names emerging from South Africa, many interistas were watching closely to see the names Morrati and Branca would add to our already strong but ageing team, where everybody noticed that after giving 110% under Mourinho in a long fought season and the harsh environment of the vuvuzela land, small touches were needed to keep up our competitiveness both in Italy and Europe, with the right coach to continue the dynasty that we all were hoping for.

Rafael Benitez was the chosen one, not a bad name in European football with 2 Spanish league titles and 2 UEFA cup winners with Valencia, and a Champions League trophy with Liverpool against AC Milan, Inters arch enemies. Benetiz asked the management for some names to impose his tactical ideas with the 4-2-3-1 formation which was opted during his time at Valencia and Liverpool. His demands were clear to get him Kuyt, Mascherano and Sanchez. Excellent names that would have fitted amazingly with any formation opted with inter. Morrati’s blinded faith with our veteran squad took another leap with the selling of our home grown wondekid Mario Ballotelli, not a bad apiece of business if reinforcements were made to strengthen the team or at least our attack knowing that Pandev was our third offensive player, yes Pandev, how could a team Giant as Inter have Pandev as his backup plan after 2 amazing strikers as Etoo and Milito. InterMilan’s management missed a great opportunity after being crowned the Kings of Europe to lure any player they want, and many top players offered themselves to play for serpents as Cavani and Mascherano, from here I knew the Grande Inter dynasty we were hoping for would never come with such management.  Don’t think I am defending Benitez, I hate him as every other Interista but I think he was treated unfairly.

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UCL: Lille 0-1 Inter, Nerazzurri top table in Group B

Despite the ongoing crisis of confidence in Serie A, Inter managed to secure another three points in the Champions league in their away game to Lille and probably more importantly for the confidence of the squad they kept a clean sheet which is something that they have struggled to do for a long time now.  So now half way through this season’s group stage the Nerazzurri sit at the top of their group with six points from three games.

It was a fairly cool evening in France as the teams took to the pitch with the temperature down to 10°C and the game will go down in Inter’s history as ‘il Capitano’ secured yet another honour to add to his long list as he made his 100th appearance in the Champions League.   The team took to the field in their white away strip and lined up in quite a defensive 4-3-1-2 formation with Nagatomo and Maicon as fullbacks and Chivu covering for the injured Samuel alongside Lucio in the center of defence.  The midfield was made up of our three experienced defensive midfielders Zanetti, Cambiasso and Motta with Sneijder who returned from injury playing in the hole behind the strike patnership of Zarate and Pazzini.

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Serie A: Inter 0-3 Napoli, Biased Ref destroys an amazing game

Where to start? The match started to a rocking Stadio Meazza with the Curva Nord chants bouncing around the stadium echoing the confidence shared by Interisti everywhere that although this was going to be a tough match we knew we could get the required result against a team that are looking like strong title contenders.  But any hope of this started crumbling as a series of dubious refereeing decisions in the first half put an end to any chance Inter may have had to gain a crucial three points in what is turning in to a nightmare season for us. 

Words can’t really do justice to how bad things got for the Nerazzurri in the second half as without guidance from Ranieri who was sent off during the half time interval their whole game plan and confidence just disintegrated leaving Napoli to take advantage of our disarray and stomp home to a convincing 0-3 win.

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IMFWAwards: September Results

So here we are with the first ever results for the IMFW Awards, first off i’d just like to say thank you to everyone that voted.  I have included links to all the winners Twitter accounts so send them a tweet to congratulate them.

So he we go with the first result and by far the most popular category,

 The Best Inter Inspired Tattoo Award:
The winner of this category has only had his entry on for less than a week but he has managed to overtake the favourites to take this months crown:

1  – 


The deserved winner this month is @yosiemario with his ‘il Biscione’ backpiece with 21.48% of the votes

2 –

The runner up this month is @MissSharena‘s Inter Badge.  With 17.58% of the votes.  I thought she was going to win as she has got a massive following 🙂 Maybe next month!

3 –

And in 3rd place is @prasetyoseven‘s awesome ‘il Biscione’  with 16.8% of the votes

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