Inter sitting in the relegation zone but who is to blame?

No one can deny that the start of the 2011/12 season has been a disaster for Inter with them sitting in the relegation zone at a lowly 18th place with just 4 points from a possible 18 making this possibly the worst ever start to a league campaign in our club’s history.  This got me thinking as to who should take responsibility for this disaster?  Is it the coaches? The players? or even our beloved President Massimo Moratti?  Well in my opinion it’s yes, yes and yes they are all to blame and have contributed to us being in this position.

I then started to think am I the only Interista that thinks this so I decided to ask the Inter Family on Twitter and Facebook to see what the general opinion was and the responses I received proved that there are many issues affecting Inter at the moment, fellow Nerazzurri World writer Hadibase wrote the article Blame the Management: The downfall of Inter Milan in which he gives his opinion on what’s gone wrong. 

The one thing that became obvious quite quickly was that this isn’t a recent thing and it is a culmination of factors that have happened since we won the treble in 2010.  So before I give you my view on it all I shall give you two examples of the responses I got on this subject.

The first is from Angga Musin – @buleangga

Hello Don, Here’s my thoughts about our beloved Inter.

I think Inter’s current condition is accumulated from 2 last year. Many Inter players has already achieved their peak performance (which i think the team’s peak was when we won treble). So, i think our main problem here is we don’t regenerate well. Many players such as Walter Samuel, Lucio, Chivu, Cambiasso, and Deki I think they should already leave the club last year (well of course, regardless of what they did on the treble).

We dont regenerate well. So no wonder why we struggle this season. Unlike juBe and merda, I think they did great this year on buying youngster. We on the other hand, did buy Alvarez, Poli, Jonathan, Castaignos but neither Gasp nor Ranieri have the guts to play them full match. I know coach must’ve his own reason and the other “adapt problem” bla bla, but i think if we want to start something new on our formation so why not.

About Eto’o leave inter, I think it was a great business because Eto’o is already 31 and his wage was overburden Inter. But I think inter should’ve bought someone as same quality as him, not Diego Forlan.  I know he is huge and good player aswell, but I think Inter already have Milito and Pazzo as target man. We need someone who can penetrate like Eto’o. We do have Zarate, a skillful player but i think he is not a team player (at least untill now). Forlan deal i think useless, he’s what? 32?

I know Inter suffered in financial, but I think if we start selling our “dead wood” players, we can buy someone more younger and have bring the new style to the club.

Inter have limited creativity in midfield. If Sneijder injured, so we dont have anyone who can dictates the play. Alvarez and Cou could, but yet again the coach dont have the guts. Even Ranieri prefer Muntari than Cou / Ricky.

About the current formation, I myself think Sneijder dont fit as trequartista. I think he is more Xavi, Pirlo, Cesc type of player who can dominate the midfield and controls the tempo of the play. Sneijder didn’t have the speed as trequartista or second striker. If we want to play like barcelona, I think Sneijder could be Xavi and Alvarez or Cou can be Iniesta. Sneijder can provide mind blowing through pass, and Cou / Alvarez can devastate our opponent’s defender with their speed and techniques. I know under Mou we played 4-2-3-1 with him as trequartista and inter did success but Mou is a special one right 😉

So my conclution is that Inter dont regenerate well , so opponent have already knew our strength in the serie A. Many Inter players reached their limit. And we lack of creativity and determination on the midfield ( except for Zanetti of course).

Well, I hope Moratti realize this and make an immidiate improvement to our beloved Inter. But yet again this is just my opinion as an Interista.  Sorry about my english 😉


The second is from @dapisss 

My personal view about what’s going on at our beloved club.

1st thing : Morale
In just two years time, Moratti has changed 4 different care takers to manage our squad. And I don’t need to tell you the stories about what Benitez & Gasperini has done, right? 🙂:)
for me personally it’s not good at all for both the team’s tactic and morale.

#2 :
I would like to take note on the average age of our squad. Mind you that our squad is filled with legends, but just like any other legends..they too, grow old. While the regeneration a.k.a the youngsters are “technically” new to the team. Take a look at Ricky Alvarez, a young talented Argentinian, but still find it hard to adapt to italian football and same thing also goes to Luc Castaignos. What about experienced player? it’s true that we’ve bought Diego Forlan, a well-known footballer, a top class striker (esp with his national team, Uruguay) but unfortunately he’s too old and also new to italian football. My idea if we want to go look to the future is to let those youngsters play more time on the pitch, to let them grow bit by bit, while the veterans take charge in motivating and of course as a back up.

#3 :
Speaking of veterans, here’s my theory.
I’m guessing (wildly) that our old players have this feeling that they have achieved all the trophies they can get so we don’t see their thirst & hunger for more, and that”s dangerous.

#4 :
Here comes the most fearful thing for any footballer can imagine : injuries!
A storm of injuries come and go hitting our squad, and if i’m not mistaken our only injury-free player is il Capitano (which is amazingly 38 y.o btw) but the rests? disasters. it’s the thing that makes you go nuts as a coach when lotsa your players go injured. (i know this because i’m a coach too myself even if it’s only in Football Manager. lol) This thing lose your team’s balance, take a look of how Wesley’s injury “destroy’ the creativity in the attacking section or when Ranocchia / Samuel isn’t available at the back. etc.

#5 (lastly) i can see your relief when i write ‘lastly’ folks…hehe :
is Consistency. our current head coach needs to formulate a tactic where we can be consistent in 90 minutes play. Our last display at Catania? awful example of how consistent in 90 mins play meant.
Claudio needs to do things done immediately before it’s too late, cause we are certainly not ready for another new coach. 

I guess that would be all, my personal view and humble opinion about the club and how to fix it. Thank you.
dapisss – simply no one but die hard Inter fans. Forza inter per sempre!


So now it’s my turn and to be honest I agree with what has already been said.  It all started on that fateful day, the 22nd May 2010 with Inter acheiving what had been the club’s dream for 45 years since we last won the European cup in the 60’s and we did it it a more spectacular fasion than any of us could of believed with the Champions league victory topping off an historic treble putting Inter up there in the footballing world as such great clubs like Barcelona and Manchester United but all that joy was short lived as shortly after the win our legendary coach Jose Mourinho announced he was leaving!  This I believe was the turning point for the Nerazzurri.

The first problem came with Mourinho’s replacement, who can replace a coach who is arguably the greatest in the world? Well according to Massimo Moratti that would be the recently fired Spaniard Rafa Benitez, yes I still don’t understand that either but that wasn’t the only controversial decision Moratti made that summer as despite Rafa’s calls to freshen up the treble winning squad our great president decided that we didn’t need any new players.  We all know how that ended with injuries galore throughout our aging squad and the coach not being able to produce the winning displays Interisti had got used to and so Benitez went and Leonardo came in despite him being a Milanista legend and to be fair with the couple of new aquisitions bought in January he managed to pull Inter back from disaster and get us to the quarter finals in the Champions league and second in Serie A but the large defeats to both Milan and Shalke showed that Leo really wasn’t the right coach for Inter.

So what happened in the run up to this season did Moratti learn from the previous season’s mistake and bring in a world class coach and players?  No he brought in Gasperini who was unproven with a big club and sold one of our two star players, admittidly he bought some young players with excellent prospects but he also brought in an aging striker in the form of Diego Forlan to replace the world class Eto’o!  Anyway you all know this so i’ll get to my point which is in my mind although the players seem to have lost the drive for success that they had under Mourinho it is Moratti that is causing the biggest problems within Inter, don’t get me wrong I don’t doubt for a second his love for our club but his extravagent spending in previous years has left us debt ridden so we can’t afford to keep top level players like Eto’o but it also seems to me that since we won the treble in 2010 he has lost his ambition for Inter, before that season he was famous for doing everything in his power to push us to European glory and match the acheivements of ‘La Grande’ Inter of his Father’s day but now he seems content to let us return to those dark days of the 90’s instead of pushing the club to that next level to show the world we are equal to the Manchester United’s and Barcelona’s of the footballing world.

Then on top of that injuries seemed to have increased massively in the last 18 months and in my opinion that isn’t just down to the age of some of our players but something must have changed behind the scenes meaning the players aren’t getting looked after as they should be.  Of course this is all speculation as i’ve no idea of what happens behind Inter’s closed doors, but I do agree with Hadibase in that it is time for Moratti to step aside and hand over the club to someone who has got the finances and drive to put Inter above the likes of Barcelona and to not settle for being the underdogs of Europe every season.  I don’t for a second think that Inter will finish the season in an embaressing position as Ranieri has got our squad back winning games but we do need some major changes soon before our great club starts to really fall apart.  One thing is for definite in these uncertain times though the passion and love the Inter Family have for the Nerazzurri will always stay strong.


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