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My time as an Inter fan.

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My name is Mark , I’m an Inter fan and I’m addicted to the Nerazzurri.  People say you only use one side of your brain, I challenge that (even though I can’t prove it) I’m sure that one half of mine is black and blue and the oxygen it needs is provided by the day-to-day life as an Inter fan, for me that’s checking the Fan sites, buying old and new Inter shirts playing on FIFA and Football Manager as our mighty Nerazzurri. I love to spend time watching Youtube videos reading the latest news and checking fan sites and buying old programmes with legends in from times as such as the 60’s.  Where would I be with out the passion for our great club.

I have wondered should I have grown up out of this? Is this what my wife should be having as a husband, a guy addicted to a team that controls his moods on match day and that the purchase of the latest shirt can bring such happiness?

I recently joined Twitter, and very quickly got the impression that there are others all around the world like me maybe even more addicted than I am but equally as passionate.  I am still amazed by all of our supporters around the world and everyday technology allows me to read the views of our proud Interisti and everyday read translated articles straight from Italy and share opinions with others like me.

For me my addiction began when I started watching the UK’s Italian football programme at the age of 11. My knowledge of football, especially Italian football at this time was limited at best. I just remember looking out for this team in blue and black with this Brazilian guy who just took my breath away as I watched him.

The night Inter won the UEFA Cup was a big night for me as a young boy, firstly I loved that two-tone grey Umbro shirt they wore and secondly I knew a couple of players at this point from my magazines. When Ronaldo scored that night I fell in love with Italian football and Inter, and the goal from a skinny young lad with jet black hair wasn’t bad, who knew where Zanetti would go with us then?

The players Pagliuca, Bergomi, the guy with the funky hair (West), Djorkaeff, Zamarano and of course Ronaldo. My Italian team was chosen.

At that time coverage was limited to Football Italia magazine and the Saturday morning highlight show with James Richardson and his ice cream in different Italian location every week, and the odd game I would catch on a Sunday afternoon. I was amazed by goals from Vieri’s like the one he scored against Parma where he turned with his back to goal and slotted it home.

As time went on I learnt more about the club. I watched more games and the passion was slowly increasing, with tv coverage increasing and the Internet becoming a great source of information, I was able to keep up to date and learn so much. I then found a DVD Inter emotions, the history of Inter, highlights, translated interviews from our entire history. What a DVD that was! I still put it on from time to time to see Giuseppe Meazza score and Mazzola shine and Ronaldo with his silky skills.

At 15 my Dad asked me what would you like to do for your 16th birthday, I was fortunate enough that my parents where able to make part of my wish come true, I had to see the Giuseppe Meazza I had to stand inside that great stadium and walk the streets of Milan. I was unable to see a game but my parents knew that only half of my wish was completed, so on my 18th birthday my Dad took me back to Milan. The game was Inter Milan v Siena, Adriano and Stankovic making their debut for the Nerazzurri, what a night! I was buzzing all evening I was surrounded by what I had only seen on television  the atmosphere was like nothing I had felt before in England and this was only against Siena! 4-0 was the final score.

Over the next few years I returned to Italy to see Materazzi equalise late on v Roma in March 2006 at the Olimpico in Rome to make it 1-1. Next was to see Maxwell score an amazing goal v Parma at the Meazza in April 2007.  My latest trip to date was in our treble winning season Inter v Fiorentina (honeymoon with the wife) probably the only game where Quaresma looked good and I was front row second tier in line with Milito as he converted the late penalty right in front of me. I wanted to try to explain the feeling of being there but I don’t have the words, I just sit there and become hypnotised by the whole experience. And what a year that was how lucky are we as Inter fans to see our lads lift the Champions League in our life time, I hope we don’t have to wait 40+ years for the next one!

Nowadays ESPN provides me with plenty of Italian football and show two or three Inter games per month and with Sky’s coverage of Champions league I tend not to miss too much at all. During the summer I became a member of Inter Club London.  The supporters club show every game live so if it’s not on tv I’ll try and travel into London to join other Interisti and watch the game with a bottle of Peroni and a pannini. Is there a better way?

I’m hoping to get to Milan towards the end of this season or beginning of the next as its been a while, I need that fix.

Where do I think I’ll be as an Inter fan in 30 years? Hopefully sitting in my armchair, wearing my Inter shirt, in my Inter slippers telling my grandchildren about all my trips to see the Nerazzurri over the years and hopefully telling them that after a rough patch they went on to dominate world football for the entire 2020’s. Making the Barca team of 2011 look average at best.

So finally I’m hoping that you guys and girls out there can reassure me I’m not the only one who feels like this, right?



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  1. Loved it bro…….. i was feeling the love for inter throughout the article , very well written ………………. Forza INTER

  2. I always pay a visit to your weblog and retrieve everything you post here but I never commented but today when I saw this post, I couldnt stop myself from commenting here. Wonderful post mate! 728475

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