Internazionale: January review



This is the first of what I hope is a regular monthly review of everything that has happened in the month just passed. Month by month I will look at all things Nerazzurri, the players, the goals, news and all things good, bad and little of the ugly from Inter this month.

The fixtures and results from Gennaro

7th Jan 2012- Inter 5-0 Parma:


A brace from Milito, a long range effort from Motta, sweet finish from Pazzini and a fantastic volley from Faraoni not a bad way to open your scoring account as a professional. The Don summed this game up in his review, ” all in all it was perfect game for Inter”




Find The Don’s full match report here: Inter 5-0 Parma, Nerazzurri start 2012 with a touch of class



15th Jan 2012- AC Milan 0-1 Inter


Not a classic by any means but after what Inter fans have been through the last 12 months to see such a strong unified performance at the back was a breath of fresh air. Zanetti with a lovely counter attacking run, put the ball across the pitch in the final third for Abate to miss judge his interception and Milito to take it on and tuck it in at the far post.



Find The Don’s full match report here: AC Milan 0-1 Inter, ‘il Principe’ gives hope for the Scudetto



19th Jan 2012: Coppa Italia- Inter 2-0 Genoa

A straight forward victory which Maicon opened the scoring with a long-range drive and the second came from great work between maicon, obi and Poli. Maicon crolayers or Poli to lay the ball to obi who flicked the ball over his head for Poli to run onto an tuck away. For me this game showed Poli must start much more an his forward runs are missed in Ranieri methods.


22nd Jan 2012: Inter 2,1 Lazio


Great play between Alvarez an Milito led to Milito tucking the ball into far post after we gifted Lazio the lead. Ranieri made positive changes switching to 4312 with Obi and Wes coming on in the second half which had a positive impact. This all lead to Pazzini lobbing Marchetti in the Lazio goal to give us the lead and a valuable 3 points to overtake Lazio in the table.


Find The Don’s full match report here: Inter 2-1 Lazio, unimpressive Nerazzurri snatch win to move up to fourth 

25th Jan 2012: Coppa Italia Napoli 2-0 Inter

It has been a while since we lost, better in the Coppa Italia than the league, should have had a penalty and a couple of good saves from De Sanctis helped knocked us out. This tie really showed the lack of quality depth in the squad 4 or 5 players who aren’t good enough or are clearly leaving in the summer. It’s by no means doom and gloom replace those 4 or 5 with people who want to be here an Ranieri has a stronger team to play with.


29th Jan 2012: Leece 1-0 Inter

Well I didn’t see that result coming. Strange game to be honest, loads of chances, the keeper in the Leece goal clearly had the best game of his career. In the 90 minutes we got ourselves into the final third over an over again but we failed to get the ball in the box enough in the second half. The crossing from the wings was disgraceful, how can we expect better from our poacher Pazzini with that standard of crossing. I get the Wes sub for two reasons, firstly he was poor, arrogant, selfish and angry at everyone apart from himself, secondly Leece were clearly going to sit back so we needed to stretch the play so a switch of formation was Positive thinking from Ranieri. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t, that’s Calcio.

Find The Don’s full match report here: Lecce 1-0 Inter – Nerazzurri drop to fifth as chance for third is wasted

These results leave us 5th In table 9 points from Juventus at the top and 3 points off Udinese in the final champions league spot. After the start we had certainly no complaints from me at this stage.

Top 3 Inter goals Jan 2012:

1- Maicon V Genoa I love to see a long-range strike like that what great technique from our Brazilian wingback.

2-Faraoni  V Parma, lovely lob and once again great technique in the finish.

3 Milito V Milan okay maybe there are better goals but the significance of this one for me made it special.


Player of the month

Diego Milito.
 Four goals a lot of running and hard work and some great finishing. Diego’s  movement for the Parma goals were fantastic and great far post finishing for the other two. I for one had written him off, and as long as he keeps this up for the rest of the season I’ll happily admit I was wrong. He as certainly began to repay Ranieri for his belief in him an stuck his fingers up at me in the process.

News and Transfers:

So many rumours and so little happened but many papers sold I’m sure. At least the Italian papers actually cover football along with rumours and not just idle gossip like the English press.  Well that’s what I had written on Sunday but now I have to say I’m happy. 🙂
I don’t have the time nor do you probably wish to take notice of the long list of suggested players coming to our great club, so I’ll skip to what actually happened.
Several deals with Parma including full signing of Obi, loaning of Cristeig and Jonathan and Mariga and some Primivera players.
Juan Jesus– a lot of clubs wanted him apparently and i cant wait to see him, he will need time to grow but a positive signing for sure. U20 international ball playing centre back.
Fredy Guarin– lots of positive things said about him, mostly underrated an a great buy is what I hear mostly. Can play in the centre of midfield or on the right, I see the diamond midfield coming into play cambiasso Poli Guarin and Wes and Zanetti at full back.
Angelo Palombo– I highly rate this guy, okay he is not at Cambiasso’s level but he can complete a short pass, has great tackling ability and is very passionate, once he has settled I strongly believe he will work his socks off to wear the Nerazzurri shirt just the kind of personality needed after the loss of personalities like Eto’o and the Matrix.
Oh for anyone wishing to have a good giggle at someone else’s expense, Inter didn’t promise Tevez, take pictures of our negotiations and publish them just to see the deal fall apart and then sign Maxi Lopez from under Fulham’s nose instead.  Remember there is always someone worse off than you. And then after that they go on to sign Muntari, idiots!!

Final thoughts:

Ranieri is growing on me, I would really like to see what he could do if backed with some new players, Ranieri has already suggested more experiments will take place when people like Wes and Forlan are fully fit. It’s a question of options and perhaps there are not enough at this time. Least he has the balls to make changes and appears quite honest in interviews, we are moving forward which is a positive for sure. With the signing of Guarin that provides another option, and maybe a couple more signings in the summer who knows what we could achieve next season. But for now let’s get Champions league spot!!
Final thought, Motta, I’m happy he has gone. Motta clearly didn’t want to stay, so now his large wages are off the books and 10 million euros for someone with 6 months left on his contract. Good business by Inter. Repalce Zarate and Chivu in the summer and sell Wes to pay for the fees on our loan players. Sounds so simple, I really have high hopes for next season, beginning of a new era this summer perhaps!
Grazie Claudio!
Forza Inter!
Grazie Inter Family!

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