SerieA: Inter 4-4 Palermo, Goals galore in the snow

I can’t believe it! Last night I was unable to watch the match and typically it seems to have been an unmissable game with ‘il Principe’ scoring all four of Inter’s goals, a feat last acheived by Christian ‘Bobo’ Vieri on the 1st December 2002 when the Nerazzurri beat Brescia 4-0.

Despite the incredable performance at the attacking end of the pitch it seems that our defence and Julio Cesar in goal had a nightmare game letting in just as many goals including a hattrick from Miccoli meaning that we take just one point from this home game 😦

As I didn’t watch the game I’m not going to write a match report but below you will find the report as published on


The snow began yesterday in Milan, but at the San Siro – thanks to the work of a ground crew that had been at work since 7:00 this morning – everything was under control and the match went on as planned. Ranieri started with a diamond midfield and Sneijder behind forwards Pazzini and Milito. New signing Palombo was on the bench while Alvarez was ruled out due to fatigue.

Right away the crowd witnessed interplay between Pazzini and Sneijder with Pazzo’s cross finding the Dutchman’s head, only to see the ball go wide. After an individual run Poli was stopped by the Rosanero defence before the ball found Cambiasso; El Cuchu shot from distance and there was some doubt as to whether Balzaretti stopped it with his arm. Then on 10 minutes it was Julio Cesar who dropped low to the ground to stop a shot from Miccoli that came from a pass from Budan.

Palermo took the lead in the 17th minute when Miccoli’s corner passed through the Nerazzurri’s box untouched for Mantovani to side-foot in at the far post. But Inter had no plans to stand around and watch, and just five minutes later Maicon’s cross was helped on by Lucio for Milito to tuck away with his right, bringing the score to 1-1. Then Pazzini threatened twice: first with a header from Maicon’s cross, which Silvestre and Viviano combined on to clear, then when Zanetti’s cross was whipped into the box, only to see Pazzo miss it by a hair in the 41st minute. As the half came to an end Viviano and Balzaretti came to Palermo’s rescue when they barred the Rosanero’s goal to thwart a combination between Sneijder, Milito and Cambiasso, with El Cuchu attempting a tap-in from just in front of the goalmouth. After 1 minute of injury time the half ended at 1-1.


The second half began with the same twenty-two players, but with a lovely goal from Miccoli who surged past Ranocchia to finish at the far post, beating Julio Cesar. But Milito was looking to respond again when, a minute later, he came very close to evening things out with a diagonal left-footer that finished wide, while Pazzini had already arrived in support of the Argentine. The ball wouldn’t go into the net until the 55th minute; after Poli sent Nagatomo through in the box the Japanese full-back was hauled down by Munoz and Guida did not hesitate to point to the spot. Milito stepped up and transformed the penalty with a right-footer to bring the score to 2-2. It was Inter again to break the deadlock and again a super Milito; in the 61st minute Lucio’s long ball was headed on by Cambiasso and El Principe, on the edge of offside, latched on to it to dribble past Viviano and complete his hat-trick. The 64th minute saw Palombo make his Inter debut (coming on for Poli), which was followed two minutes later by Palermo’s third goal, when their captain Miccoli scored on a bullet header from Balzaretti’s cross. But Inter v Palermo proved to be a constant surprise; a long pass from Palombo was controlled and then crossed into the box by Zanetti before Pazzini’s touch became an assist for Milito, who put Inter ahead with a score now at 4-3 (for his 12th goal of the season).

In the 73rd minute only the ref’s whistle could stop Milito when the Argentine’s header was ruled out after Maicon’s cross was judged to have gone over the byline. But Miccoli was on a roll and refusing to see his team lose this one; latching onto a pass from Ilicic, he sent his diagonal shot past Julio Cesar and inside the far post. It was 4-4. In the 87th minute Ranieri decided to send on Zarate in the place of Milito and the 4-goal hero received a warm standing ovation from the San Siro crowd. Miccoli saw his free kick go just over the bar after he was fouled by Obi on the edge of the box. Then after 3 minutes of injury time the match ended at 4-4. The Nerazzurri now sit with a total of 36 points in the standings.

Inter 4-4 Palermo (HT: 1-1)
Scorers: Mantovani 17, Milito 22 (pen), 55, 61, 69, Miccoli 52, 66, 85.

Referee: Marco Guida (Torre Annunziata).
Booked: Munoz 54, Obi 83.
Added time: 1+3 minutes.
Attendance: 18,320.



1 Julio Cesar; 13 Maicon, 6 Lucio, 23 Ranocchia, 55 Nagatomo; 4 Zanetti, 19 Cambiasso, 18 Poli (Palombo 64); 10 Sneijder (Obi 67); 7 Pazzini, 22 Milito (Zarate 87).
Unused subs: 12 Castellazzi, 2 Cordoba, 26 Chivu, 30 Castaignos.
Coach: Claudio Ranieri.


1 Viviano: 6 Munoz (Pisano 62), 2 Mantovani, 3 Silvestre, 42 Balzaretti; 23 Donati, 5 E. Barreto, 16 Zahavi (Ilicic 63); 14 Bertolo; 9 Budan (Vazquez 75), 10 Miccoli.
Unused subs: 33 Tzorvas, 13 Aguirregaray, 17 Vazquez, 20 Acquah, 24 Mehmeti, 27 Ilicic.
Coach: Bortolo Mutti.

For my summary I’m going to use some comments made by @WS_Interista:

(Thanks Waseem for letting me use your comments and my opinions on the points are in italics)

1- How the hell did FIGC decide that the playing conditions were good last night and the game can take place… It was in a snow storm!!!

It’s ridiculous! Yeah the San Siro grounds staff were working from seven in the morning and did a good job of trying to keep the pitch clear for the game but from what I’ve seen in pictures there was really too much of a snow covering on the pitch. Besides the Atalanta v Genoa, Bologna v Fiorentina and the Siena v Catania games were all posponed due to snow so why wasn’t the game in Milano? They are all in Northern Italy so what’s the difference?

2- I really can’t blame Julio Cesar for last night’s performance. A goalkeeper is not an outfield player, he doesn’t move on the pitch much to stay warm, of course he’s not gona be able to focus on the game 100%, he was freezing!
A very valid point, with the same going for Viviano at the other end. If the weather hadn’t been so cold I don’t think we would have seen such a huge scoreline as both keepers are excellent at their jobs and on a normal day would not have let in four goals each.

3- Another thing I would like to point out about the tactics deployed last night is the fact that our center backs were totally exposed to the speed of miccoli. They needed cover! An anchorman was a must last night! Does Ranieri know what the job of an anchorman is for God’s sake?!

What on earth was Cambiasso doing? His main role within the squad is to act as anchorman when needed and with his experience he should know when to play that role, unless Ranieri expressly told him not to, which I don’t believe he would have.

4- Poli had a great game, I really like him, the kid will make us forget about Motta in no time I’m positive. He might even earn a spot for the Euro if he keeps getting a chance to play and performs like this.

I can see Poli becoming a very important part of the new Inter squad and fits perfectly in to the role left by Motta’s exit, plus unlike Motta he doesn’t seem to make rash challenges which was the cause of most of Thiago’s many cards. I just hope he can stay injury free more than the Italo-Brazilian did.

5- Milito… I’m out of words for ‘il Principe’… Actually I have 1 thing to say: I remember how Adriano was nicknamed imperatore (the emperor), I’m sorry but if there’s one person that deserves this nickname it’s Milito… He’s not a prince, he’s not even a king, he is the emperor! He scored in every crucial game in 2010, last year he was injured but things are back to normal now and he actually looks like our signing of the season! What a class player!

I have to admit at this point I was wrong about Milito after his injury plagued 2010/11 season and the underwhelming start to this season I thought he was past it and we’d never see the superstar of the treble back again but in the last 9- 10 games he has proven all us doubters wrong and the true Prince of Milano is still very much a force to be reckoned with.

6- Which brings me to the substitutions made last night… There’s only so much a squad can do with this manager, he keeps making the wrong calls I can’t stand his mistakes any more! Palombo for Poli?! I’ll ignore the fact that Poli was having a great game and focus on Palombo. The lad didn’t even train with us yet!!! He signed the night before! How do you throw him in like that expecting him to gel in so quickly?! Then came the usual DUMB and expected move of taking Sneijder out and putting Obi in… For the millionth time Obi is not a left midfielder and he’s never going to be! In fact every time he comes in he stops Nagatomo from making the forward runs which are proving to be very effective (Yuto had a great game last night). 3rd substitution had stupid written all over it! we’re tied, 5 minutes left, we need to push forward and score 1 more, he takes out milito who was having the game of his life, keeps the same 442, doesn’t even try to add a forward up front to close the deal, what the hell is that?! what’s with this cowards’ mentality?! this is Inter! not some small club fighting for survival!!!

I can’t comment too much on this with me not seeing the game but I do agree that there is only ever so much that Ranieri will be able to do with our squad as he is a good coach but he hasn’t got the tactical mind needed to take us back to the top. The Polombo for Poli sub seems a bit strange to me as Poli was having a great game and as you say Polombo hasn’t even trained with us yet, but on the other hand I heard that he had quite a good debut and even helped provide one of Milito’s goals, so it wasn’t all bad there. The Sneijder for Obi sub really is a strange one, if I was Ranieri and I needed to take Wes off then I would have probably have brought Zarate on to play the left wing instead of Obi who time and time again proves that he is not a wing player. Incidently Sneijder was taken off due to him picking up another knock! And lastly why on earth would you take the guy who has scored four goals off when you’re desperate for another to clinch the win? Again it doesn’t make sense and shouldn’t have happened.

7– Miccoli… we had the chance to sign him in the summer but instead we opted for Zarate?! Miccoli ranks first with 9 assists so far, and has 9 goals. We wanted a younger squad and Miccoli is 32 and captain of Palermo, wish he was younger.

Why oh why did we not sign this guy in the summer? Yeah so he’s getting on a bit but he was exactly what we needed at the start of the season a powerful fighting attacking player with a proven track record, as you might guess i’m a fan of his and I do think it’s a shame that he’ll never be an Inter player now 😦

So despite this being a great game for the goal hungry, Inter have slipped up in their chase for third place (We have to be realistic the Scudetto isn’t likely to happen!) Now we look forward to what hopefully will be a less snowy match against rivals Roma at the Olympico.

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