SerieA: Inter 0-3 Bologna, Another embarrassing defeat for ‘il Biscione’

Coming in to this game against Bologna at the Giuseppe Meazza there was, despite recent form, a confidence that we could turn things around and gain a fairly easy three points. After all the Bolognese team aren’t having the best of seasons themselves and having not played a game for two weeks (their last two games were postponed due to bad weather) were likely to be a bit rusty, this was a must win the situation for Inter and all the odds were in their favor.

This wasn’t to be though as Claudio Ranieri yet again ‘tinkered’ with his tactics and this time fielded a 4-2-3-1 formation, which like last week’s 4-3-2-1 I am a big fan of. These tactics themselves aren’t the problem as in both games Inter held on to a vast majority of the possession throughout the 90 minutes, the problems on the pitch are coming from all the constant changes that Ranieri is making. He needs to stick with a formation, quickly find his optimal starting eleven and only make substitutions during the game when they are desperately needed not just when the whim takes him. These substitutions also need to show a lot more understanding of what’s happening on the pitch as he never seems to make the changes that are so obvious to the rest of us.

If he introduced this bit of continuity in to his tactics he can then focus his training on the different plays that need to happen within the set formation and everyone on the pitch would know exactly where and when they need to be during a build up or defensive play. As the commentator on the stream I was watching said last night “they need to be playing from memory” in other words playing one or two touch football then passing in to areas safe in the knowledge that one of their teammates will be anticipating the pass. Instead for the last few matches especially they have just appeared confused and lethargic.

Last night also showed our inadequacies in defending as time and time again when Bologna had the ball there was three, four and even occasionally five Inter players closing down the ball, which in turn left vast areas of the pitch wide open for the Rossoblu to take full advantage and as the score reflects this is what they did over and over. This shouldn’t be happening to a team of Inter’s stature! Every player on that pitch should know where they should be, what they should be doing and when, Let’s face it this is all basic football tactics.

The final factor of last nights loss is the terrible morale amongst the players, I realise it must be tough for them to keep their spirits high after a run of crushing defeats, but there were times last night when certain players just looked as though they didn’t want to be there, this is where we are missing influential players like Samuel Eto’o and especially Marco Materazzi because no matter what the situation Inter found themselves in these players always had the belief in the team to rally the troops and get the passion for the win burning inside every single player on the pitch. To be fair, Ranieri should be trying to instill this fire in to his players but he just doesn’t seem to have it himself, during the matches he stands in the technical box almost as a spectator occasionally he’ll give instruction but you never see a real passion and drive from him that you will all remember from the times of Roberto Mancini and Jose Mourinho when they were bouncing around the technical area with a burning desire to win which was contagious to the players on the pitch. Ok you may argue that isn’t in Ranieri’s nature but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s what the Nerazzurri players need.

The person I feel the most sorry for is our President, Massimo Moratti, after all he’s built up over the years to see his beloved club reduced to this must be as heartbreaking for him as it is for me, the only difference is he has invested millions in to our shared dream. During last night’s game Moratti was seen leaving the Meazza after about 80 minutes and although some people have criticized him for this I believe it was a great decision from him as he was obviously furious with yet another embarrassing defeat and he knew that if he faced Ranieri and the squad in that frame of mind he may have made a rash decision and done something that with a clearer mind he’d regret. His frustration is plainly obvious and I for one share that frustration because we all know that Inter’s current crisis runs much deeper than just on the pitch and due to financial and situational restraints there aren’t too many obvious solutions to fix the problems. That being said though I have complete faith that Moratti will find the solution even if it takes us a few seasons to return to our former glories.

The last point in going to discuss is the fans recent reactions to yet another loss in Inter’s abysmal season, as I’ve said I totally understand the frustration felt by all Interisti around the world but the way certain fans have turned against our team, our president and even against our own fans is unacceptable. I’ll start with the fans in the stadium and especially the Curva Nord Ultras, what are you guys thinking? Whistling at and shouting insults at our players is only going to drop their morale even further which won’t help our performances at all, and the calls for Moratti to step down and sell the club are just ridiculous! Have you all forgotten what he has done for us over the years and the previous crisis’ he has got us out of? You all agree that he is considered Inter’s number one fan so let’s show some faith in him that he will do what’s best for the future of our great club. You call yourselves Ultras so stand up for the team you love and show them support not take the opportunity to act like our rivals.

As for the calls from the terraces and across the world for Moratti to fire Ranieri, that isn’t going to help us this season, as much as I agree he isn’t the coach to lead us to glory, replacing him won’t make much difference to this season so we are better waiting until the summer and finding a quality long-term replacement instead of yet again rushing in to hiring a mediocre coach just because he’s all that’s available.

In his post match interview ‘il Capitano’ Javier Zanetti said this regarding the fans reactions:

“No one is sadder or more disappointed than we are; we understand the fans’ disappointment but we need them. I know what our fans are like, they’ve always been close to us when times have been tough and I hope they do that again now.”

We Interisti have seen many good times with the Nerazzurri as well as many bad times but one thing always remains constant, the unity of the fans in support of our great club. So why should that change now? And so as I’m considered by many of my followers on Twitter to be the head of the Inter family I feel it is my responsibility to rally the troops and return that unshakable belief we hold for our beloved club that we can over come any obstacle and stand strong in support of FC Internazionale, so let’s prove our doubters wrong and stand by our motto:

C’e Solo Inter!

For Inter is our life and we will never lose our faith in ‘La Grande Inter’

‘One love, One club, One worldwide family’

Sempre Forza Inter!!!

Young Interisti Filippo (see picture above) to meet the squad at training on Sunday after the Nerazzurri management saw his banner last night

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  1. Thinking after the loss to MArseille, the problem for Raneiri as coach has not gotten easier. Napoli did a job on Chelsea, another side that Mourinho once coached that is going through transitional issues. If Inter can beat NApoli, that would be a lovely way back to come back to the Sans Siro against Catania who got a win on their home ground.
    Inter have the pieces but the next two games will be essential if Inter don’t want to be derailed.

    The Tinkerer does tink a little too much at times, but in that game against MArseille, I liked Forlan’s energy and movement better than Wes’s. I think Alvarez should get the midfield spot over Wes. Wes has spent a lot of time being frustrated on the pitch in 5 of his last starts. Nagatomo and Obi have great speed but are better as penetrators than deliverers of crosses.
    Second, Inter are relying too much on defensive wingers. Maicon and Nagatomo need midfield or forward wingers that can perform crosses and are faster. Inter don’t have that, but Ranieri needs to compose something

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