Internazionale February Review

How it can all change in a month.
How can you evaluate the month just gone. At times we lacked a little luck, at times we lacked confidence lacked quality but to be honest it was quite a pathetic effort by some. If your leaving or want to leave then that’s fine but give your all until that time comes. And I mention Wes purely because I expect a lot more from him one because of his quality and two because how much he’s paid. His body language tells a story and one game in February he had 13 shots on goal, read into that an I truly feel he lost the desire and is playing for himself. A lot of players are not performing and by no means is Wes to blame but he’s paid a lot for a reason, I just haven’t seen that reason for a while.

The results from February

29th February: Inter 4-4 Palermo

As the typical statement goes a great advertisement for exciting Calcio and a great game for a neutral, shame I wasn’t a neutral. Once again Milito was outstanding how you score 4 at home and still don’t win I’m not quite sure. Why and how did we throw this result away, poor goalkeeping an defensive balance, Miccoli an Palermo seemed to walk right through our defence an knock the ball into the far post. I rate Caesar but his positioning and ability to defend his goal from shots go across is awful.

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5th February: Roma 4-Inter 0

What is there to say, what’s to analyse, this was easily one of the worst performances I have ever seen as an Inter fan. We created more chances against Novarra under Gasperini than we did against Roma and I thought that was bad. From the moment we kicked off there seemed no hope no game plan and no effort. I get the lack of options for Ranieri but he didn’t help himself, didn’t have the players for 4-4-2 but still plays it, 2-0 down at half time takes a forward off. Why not go 4-3-3, Milito, Pazzini and Castaignos up top, put pressure on there full backs put Cambiasso in front of defence and let Poli push on, full backs push up, I would rather lose 4-0 trying to get back in game than lose 4-0 and look lost.

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12th February: Inter 0-1 Novara

20 shots 32 mins of ball possession and no goals compared to the 5 from Novara and 19 minutes of possession and the one goal from Caracciolo. The quality of service was dire, 13 shots off target really show how we could not break down a team that are likely to be propping the rest of Serie A come May.

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17th February: Inter 0-3 Bologna

A game under the Friday night sky was upon us, fans where ready for a good win in time for the Champions League but instead we failed to convert the few chances created then we conceded two goals in two minutes and hardly created anything again. We did manage to concede one more with five minutes left when ex Inter youngster Acquafresca making it three. Once again the build up play was awful you have to wonder to what we train on. Attacking plays, breaking from midfield, counter attacks etc, sure doesn’t seem like it.

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22nd February: UCL- Marseille 1-0 Inter.

Watching our beloved Nerazzurri walking out at the exciting Stade Velodrome I was once again hoping for that kick start. To be honest after the first half I was thinking it was a step in the right direction, seemed like a team, a team that just needed a goal which unfortunately Forlan failed to tuck away a great chance an I quickly got tied of watching Zarate pick the ball up put his head down an run a defenders trying to take on the world on his own. Obi was brought on which I though would utilise the space on the left flank but it didn’t, and then would you believe sloppy defending from Chivu and we where one down.

Final note on this game 10 of the 11 that started in France played in the Champions league final. That says it all! Please Inter move these players out the way an free our youngsters!!

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26th February: Napoli 1-0 Inter

Did the improved efforts or the late goal from mid week give us a drive to improve, no, not at all 90 minutes of well nothing really. According to the stats not one shot on target. Again I have to say the buildup play was no existent and when we do get in a good position the final ball is just a waste. Towards the end Nagatomo worked the left flank well and finally put in a ball of quality, Pazzini read it moved into position and then some how, not sure how managed to send it wide.

Note a common theme in the scores. Would like to think Ranieri has noticed an might work on some forward moving plays. The fact that we have been unable to score is obviously of great concern but I don’t blame the front line. All the best forwards miss chances but I don’t remember watching so many matches where a team struggles to move the ball forward an into the box.

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Top Three Goals

Check out the four goals from Milito against Palermo an decide for yourself. When I thought of top three goals for this review I didn’t see it coming, who thought we would have scored so few.

Player of the Month

I really didn’t want to be negative and leave this blank, but there are no clear choices. Perhaps Diego Milito for his goals against Palermo. Some great finishing from a player that has worked hard to bring back some of his old form.


Most of the headlines have obviously been about our current run of form. Managers names are being tossed about like confetti. Short term talk of Figo an Baresi taking over for the rest of the season. Long term I say long term with a pinch of salt, names such as Pep, AVB, Capello, Zeman,Blanc and Bielsa. ( not a typo it does say Zeman clearly there was space in the paper for another name) AVB would be a great appointment, but whoever it is must be backed an we have to be patient.

In a fresh bit of news that comes out is a rumour of some investment from the east by way of either sponsorship or a percentage of ownership. According to the papers it’s use will be to fund a new stadium. These rumours come out once in a while an Moratti usually ignores them but on the latest rumour he said ” We will think about those in due time. For now we are thinking of sporting matters” for me this says there may be offers to review, which is exciting. I love the Giuseppe Meazza but to ensure a big future we need a new stadium an all that it brings with it.

Finally a brief touch on transfers, as per usual all the names you could imagine being mentioned. What makes me laugh is suggestions of Higuain an Martinez. One transfer fee an secondly wages. Where is this money going to suddenly appear from. Anyone that has been an Inter fan long enough knows if Moratti an co had money to spend it would of been spent already so when they say FFP an cheap deals I believe them.

Contract talk: Walter Samuel has reportedly turned down an offer of renewal, unsure how true this is, but I was hoping we wouldn’t bother renewing. Walter is a top defender that I have loved since his Roma days but nostalgia is not a reason for a new contract. Let’s trust in Ronnochia/Lucio an Juan Jesus maybe even Caldirola. Further contract news Chivu agent insists Inter is his intention of playing club next year and we will know in April what’s happening, but then the next day his agent says he has loads of offers. Agents you got to love them. Does anyone else get offended by these agents, do they think we are that stupid an that other clubs have no idea, seriously agents annoy the hell,out of me.


My thoughts

As per usual several losses an everyone blames the manager and calls for his head, and to be honest I am finding it harder to defend him with some decisions he makes. (if Stankovic continues to play centre midfield, not breaking play up or distributing the ball I will lose it) I don’t feel it’s fair to lay the blame on Ranieri. Could you imagine inheriting a club in a mini crisis (we where just above he relegation zone) We were all hoping Ranieri would come in and stabilise the playing staff and set us up to get someone new in the summer. Did we as fans expect to much? Are we looking at the right person to blame?

Let’s look at some things, in the summer we lost the two biggest personalities in the dressing room in the Matrix and Eto’o and then brought in a manger that destroyed what team ethic and togetherness that we had left. We then failed to rid of Muntari and his wages kept Chivu an his wages. Wes has made it clear he wants to leave over an over again. Motta who left in January said he wanted to leave in the summer, Stankovic can’t cut it anymore. We brought in most players at the end of August an January including injured ones. How can the likes of Alvarez and Johnathan settle in to a new club an culture with the club in this condition. Zarate has little impact and has no tactical discipline, shall I go on?

Not saying Ranieri is free from negative comments all I’m saying is can we judge harshly?
The answer to who to blame lies entirely at Branca’s feet. It’s his job to provide a coach a squad that’s able to compete. Branca failed to move players on and failed to bring in enough adequate replacements. I understand the financial difficulties but this is Inter Milan we should have someone able to do the job with whatever funds available. The days of big spending are gone but without a good transfer guru those days are far away.

Follow @SiCar on TwitterThis summer with the likes of Wes, Chivu, Zarate and Stankovic and perhaps even Samuel that should clear up enough wages and funds to add to a squad that is not too bad. Its the dynamics of the team that’s all wrong let’s get someone like Lucas from Santos. Lucas would add flair, dribbling ability and the unpredictable edge that we lack. Players like Lucas can change a game in a second and provide a lot to the team. In the last couple of years we have spent what ever has been brought in by transfer funds and wages. So roughly Wes would be around 35 mil, another 10 mil saved on wages from Chivu an Stankovic and the 10 Mil from Motta. So thats surely enough to buy Lucas and look at strengthening other areas a strong battling midfielder and perhaps a left back. Other options for next season are to call back Johnathan (depending on how he does at Parma) bring back Coutinho and Mariga buy Poli and Guarin and perhaps that strong midfielder could be Palombo. That could all be done with change left to cover some debt. We must build and for me those few moves would be the first brick laid in a few foundation for the future. Most of the players are already here it’s just removing some of the old guard an bring some younger fresh players to the frontline and allowing them to express themselves. It’s time for a new chapter.

So Inter family who do you want to come to the great city of Milan and put that beautiful Nerazzurri shirt on and what will they add? Do consider the financial restrictions we currently face, Messi is not an appropriate answer.

I hope that next month will be a little more positive reading for you all. Though I doubt it’s going to change much until the summer. Let’s hope March brings a Champions League quarter final to cheer us up.

Forza Inter

We always support Inter!

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