Internazionale: March/ Marzo Review

Another month of disappointment, out of the Champions League, poor performances and after every game wondering how this is going to get better. In the last few days of the month though Massimo Moratti took action and now seems to have begun the rebuilding process, finally there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The results from March/ Marzo

4th March- Inter 2-2 Catania

We scored, Cambiasso cried and we still didn’t win. Awful defending from Nagatomo leading to Gomez of Catania scoring. How Nagatomo could not see what was going to happen, there was only one way Gomez was going to go and the only person who failed to realise was the guy nearest to him. Catania’s second was offside, and clearly so.

When Poli and Obi came on that really added something to the team. They are two players I would like to see either side of Cambiasso a lot more. Do not forget Obi is a centre midfielder not a left midfielder, though he may not have a lot of flair I do believe he can can add something positive to our play. Our first goal came from Forlan making a run inside the area from the wing and tucking away. The second was a lovely finish from Milito rifled into back of the net from just inside the area.

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9th March – Chievo 0-2 Inter

We won!!!!

A game we controlled from the start but really lacked fluidity going forward at times.
Finally a start for Poli. It really felt like we where never going to score and not for the first time under Ranieri we didn’t seem to have any ideas going forward. Late on a Sneijder corner was put away with a header from Samuel and in stoppage time a typical Zanetti run with a not so typical Zanetti cross finished at close range from Milito.

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13th March – Inter 2-1 Marseille

Again Stankovic started in the middle, quite honestly it infuriates me. Week after week I’m watching the team I love have a man in charge that clearly struggles to put any thought into the choice of players or style of play. Why he leaves Cambiasso on the bench who in my opinion should be controlling that midfield and instead we have Deki not tackling,
not running and launching 50 yards balls in every direction. Why I ask, does Pazzini have to come deep and get the ball, it makes my blood boil. Pazzini should be sitting on the shoulder of the last defender poaching goals getting on the end of through balls and crosses. Where are the deep crosses from the fullbacks, nice one Ranieri.

The game itself, Wes was unlucky after a well worked move, Milito tried to finish from
close range with his chest which was saved on the line. As per usual after we miss a couple of chances further chances dry up, but we didn’t look like conceding which has not been said in a while. Positive changes were made by bringing on Obi to move The ball forward which worked, and Pazzini to cause some problems for the French back line.
After a goal mouth scramble Milito tucked away to set the tie up for extra time. But Marsielle after a route one that both Lucio and Samuel failed to deal with the sub Brandao tucking it away. Pazzini managed not to slip over and converted a penalty just before the whistle.

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18th March – Inter 0-0 Atalanta

Drab performance by all involved summed up by a Milito penalty miss. It’s been said a thousand times before a game we had relative control of but failed to move the ball about with pace or conviction, failed to sustain pressure on our opponents and lacked ideas.

25th March – Juventus 2-0 Inter

Started with conviction in our passing, with good movement off the ball we seemed to have a game plan and it looked like it could work. Poli was having a good influence and going forward Obi was causing problems on then left hand side. Poli linked the midfield and front men well though this was undone by Stankovic who did very little as he’s unable to run now so the players like Pirlo just drifted by. We could count ourselves unlucky not to have the lead by half time. Second half begins and we go back to our static movement and play. Forlan lacked quality yet again. Nagatomo was regularly out of position. Naga was having to sprint to get back in position he never seemed to know where his marker was and when he was in line with the defence he would tuck in too much and was slow to get out.

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Top Three Goals

Again not a lot to choose from this month

1- Milito v Catania. A lovely powerful finish from just inside the area into the top corner

2- Milito v Chievo. Zanetti with a bursting run down the flank crosses for Milito to head home

3- Samuel v Chievo. Wes with a corner with Samuel heading home, an important goal breaking the deadlock.

Player of the Month

Andrea Poli. Since returning from injury he’s consistently added a lot to the Inter midfield. A player I have really enjoyed watching and I honestly believe an Inter star in the making. Andrea’s ability on the ball is impressive, great close control good passing range and works hard, a player that fights for every ball. Andrea is the type of player every team needs in their midfield. There is still a lot to learn but to think this guy is likely to get even better, perhaps a little credit to Branca is due for bringing him to Inter. Only a little though!!


Where to start, who would have thought so much could happen off the field in the month of March.

Firstly congratulations to the Primavera team, beating the notoriously strong Ajax youth team in the Next Gen final on penalties. We are proudly the first team to win the Next Gen series. Players like Tassi, Longo, Duncan and Cristeig appear to be in with a bright future. It’s always a big step from Primavera to first team but something must be going right if you are winning such tournaments.

Valentino Angeloni has joined Inter as our new head scout from Udinese. This is a big move, Udinese for many years have found a lot of talent on the cheap in South America the likes of Sanchez and Isla come to mind so this guys is definitely going to add something to our new project.

Valentino Angeloni

Bedin has switched from a scout to a technical advisor role. Bedin will work alongside current fan favourite Branca. Again I think this is a great move for the future, it’s ,clearly been noticed that Branca isn’t the best judge of ability and working alongside Bedin should bridge that gap.

Finally the biggest event was the removal of Ranieri from the hot seat. Step forward Andrea Stramaccioni. Most people are aware of his success with our Primavera team, it’s worth noting he has had much success with other youth teams over the last 10 years. Managerial legends of game such as Arigo Sacchi have a lot of great things to say about this guy. Strama loves the tactical side of the game and spends a lot of time studying his opponents. It’s clear great things are expected, let’s hope it’s wearing an Inter shirt and tie.

My thoughts

Our great leader Moratti made the right choice getting rid of Ranieri. We had all become tired of Ranieri and his ways. Moratti all within a few days seemed to show he has a project in mind. With the appointment of a new head scout, technical director and a manager he’s clearly trying to begin the process of achieving his vision. Come the end of the season if Strama is not hired someone similar to his approach and style will be, whether that be Bielsa or Villas Boas. I’m already excited for the summer because for the first time in a while it really appears Moratti has a plan.

On the subject of managers I wish Stramaccioni all the best and from what I have read about him he’s got a great future ahead of him, but has this role at Inter come to soon, are we shaping ourself up to crash again. I’m just a little worried, after all we have had a lot of coaches in the last two seasons and I fear the dark ages if the next one is wrong. Saying that I do believe in Moratti and the signs are there to say his decision won’t be rash even if history might suggest other wise.

Finally on my thoughts I want to mention two players, I wish to praise one and complain about the other. The praise is for Milito. Over the last 18 months he’s been victim of a lot of criticism, I am also guilty of doing so. If it was not for Milito since the turn of the year you have to wonder where we would be, his work rate and finishing as been top draw so perhaps after all the abuse perhaps a little more credit is due from fellow Interisti.

My complaint is Nagatomo. Quite honestly I’m sick of watching him, perhaps Stramaccioni can help as clearly Ranieri didn’t work closely with his players. Every week he’s put out of position, dangles his foot out to tackle and reads the game badly. If it was not for his pace I think it would be noticed more. Nagatomo’s work rate can not be questioned but his defensive ability needs a big improvement. Dangerous going forward but even then how many crosses beat the first man, not many. I hope he proves me wrong and there are bigger issues on the playing staff department but for me the left back role needs addressing.

I’m excited for the month ahead, looking forward to seeing what impact Strama has on the current players and I’m confident the quality of forward play will finally improve, you never know we might start looking like a team.

Forza Inter!!!!


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