Internazionale: April review

1st April: Inter 5-4 Genoa

Stramaccioni first game in charge and an entertaining one!  What a beautiful first goal, after weeks of witnessing poor build up play and then Cambiasso to Zarate knocks wide to Forlan with a lovely weight cross with a Milito finish.  On 27 minutes Milito had a one on one and slots the ball home.  Then after play broke up from a set play Lucio knocks into box for Samuel to slide in and finish.

An unfortunate deflection gets Genoa a goal back just before the half time whistle.  1st penalty of the day I thought was harsh on Zanetti, could our great leader get his arm out of way and did he deny a goal opportunity?  3-2.  Zarate took a run at the Genoa defence cut in from left and curls into far post to complete a wonderful finish.
Cesar took out Palacio resulting in a penalty which was converted to make it 4-3
Guarin earned a penalty which Milito converted before Lucio and Sculli challenge for high ball, Sculli foot was higher and contact is made and somehow the ref decides it’s a penalty 5-4

A big improvement. The play was more fluid, more conviction in the passing I thought we looked good.  With more time it will get better and hopefully we can start to defend as a team.

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7th April: Cagliari 2-2 Inter

Not a great start going one down early on.  Much more should have been made against the 10 men of Cagliari but on the positive side we twice went behind and twice got a goal back.  Who else was going to score, Milito again spinning round and slotting home with great technique from our on form striker. A scrappy goal came from Cambiasso to make it 2-2. We came close to taking 3 points towards the end but wasn’t to be.

11th April: Inter 2-1 Siena

In general I was very impressed with the performance of the team. The ball was moved around quite well, with conviction. Clearly we had a game plan, and we had ideas for set plays instead of just kicking it. Everyone had a role and seemed to be fulfilling it.  Even Stankovic didn’t look as old as usual!  Obi I thought was awesome, It’s for all to see that this guy is really working on his game, and what a better player he looks with a central role.  Obi regularly pushed through the midfield to get behind the Siena defence.  Zarate was lively looked dangerous, he even passed a few times! We didn’t look predictable which was good to see, using both wide players to cut in and go on the outside.  You can see the more time training on this system we really could be become the dangerous side we want to be.  Samuel apart from one quality block was awful, his mistake led to the goal, and perhaps some fortune in the fact he was injured so was replaced.  Then two goals from who else Milito.  Firstly a header from close range and then a converted penalty awarded after a strong run from Nagatomo.

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22nd April: Fiorentina 0-0 Inter

Inter controlled the game with 66% of possession but despite this had very little impact.  We starting with a 4-2-3-1 which I was excited to see but I have to say was disappointed with how it was played.  At this point the 4-3-3 looks more effective but it’s realistic to be comfortable with more than the one and having time to get use to the various options is important.  Most of the players where poor, Milito looked agitated the whole game which had a big influence in his performance, Forlan looked like he’d never played a game of football before. Though my biggest complaint is just an observation but this really gets my back up, why? why? why? do we put loads of crosses into the box for Milito who prefers a different type of service, and when the day comes that Pazzini plays we will no longer cross and just make him pick the ball up from half way line, it kills me use your players to best of their ability.  This isn’t a shot aimed at Stramaccioni just at all the coaches that have done this!

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25th April: Udinese 1-3 Inter

Stramaccioni started with a 4-3-2-1 which seemed a good approach for an away game and a good use of the players available.  It marked an improvement on the balance between defence and attack. Against Fiorentina we missed a third midfielder but against Udinese we were stronger in midfield and looked better for it.  To concede after 5 minutes from a great strike I feared the worst but what happened next was a result of Stramaccioni’s impact on the team.  5 minutes after conceding Wes shoots from distance and after an awkward bounce in front of Handanovic we were on equal terms. On 28 minutes Wes grabbed his second, Milito held up the ball then a lovely weighted pass across goal to Wes who delicately chipped over the on rushing Udinese players.  Finishes like that sets a worldclass player apart from those that are just good.  Inters third was thanks to great individual play from Alvarez, after cutting in onto his left foot he was shaped to shoot then cut onto his opposite foot and finished with his right across goal.  Alvarez I find has a habit of always using his stronger left foot so it was great to see him have the quality,composure and confidence to use his weaker foot.

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29th April: Inter 2-1 Cesena

Three valuable points and a good all round performance during which the only negative was the quality of finishing.  A more confident Pazzini with more games under his belt and the score line would have been more convincing.  We moved the ball around well for the 90 minutes.  Obi was impressive once again, his passing, moving, work rate and ability to move the ball forward was impressive.  Again we go one down after a shot deflected off Nagatomo, but within two minutes Obi gets a long distance left footed strike off which took a big deflection wrong footing Antonioli in the Cesena goal.  Inter took the lead 20 minutes from time after a close range header from a Guarin cross.  I think all Interesti felt great relief when Zarate put that away.

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Top three goals

I think it’s quite obvious what’s the goal of the month.  Step forward our number 10 Wesley Sneijder.

1. Sneijder V Udinese – Not a bad goal to take the lead with. Wonderful hold up play from Milito, well weighted pass across goals with a word class delicate chip over the on rushing keeper.

2. Alvarez V Udinese – A lovely run by Alvarez, cuts in on his left shapes to shoot and cuts onto his right foot and finished across goal with a well placed right footed strike.

3. Zarate V Cesena – I really appreciated the composure and determination to get the ball in the back of the net. Milito shot saved Zarate dispossessed and Guarin had the composure to take a touch and place a lovely cross for Zarate to tuck away from close range.

Player of the month

I have been impressed with Obi, Guarin and Zarate. I’m delighted to see Cambiasso back and sticking two fingers up to the people that doubted him.
This month the whole team deserves a special mention. Under new guidance they have clearly been working hard in training and have been showing a fighting passionate spirit that has been missing under previous management. All within a month we are playing good football, attacking football and we are getting results. Don’t forget these are the same players Ranieri had to work with. Ranieri said we lacked the players to play other formations. Strama has found a way! Lots of work needed in the summer but a step forward for sure


Balotelli-  these rumours anger me, just because the huge dislike I have for this guy.  Unbelievable talent but is there a worst attitude on the pitch?  Any player that takes off an Inter shirt throws it on the floor and pretends to urinate on it is never welcome back in my eyes. (I totally agree – Don)  That same year we may have won the treble but throughout the season he caused arguments and disruptions and we need hungry determined players that want to wear the great shirt of Inter.  It can not be doubted he does great things for others off the pitch but this is the same guy who’s been vocal on his wishes for Milan.  There has been a lot of discussion between Interisti on twitter and honestly I’m quite surprised anyone’s in favour of a return.  Am I wrongly holding a grudge?  Though one positive in response to rumours of a move to Juve he did say on twitter “I have done a lot of bad things but I’ll never play for Juve”

Prandelli is the latest management rumour.  This one I find extremely unlikely. Prandelli has started a long-term project with the Italian national side and its irrelevant how the Euros go for Italy he will still be in charge.

Bielsa and Blanc have come up a lot in the papers and the Villa Boas rumours seemed to have fallen off the radar. To be honest most of it is purely to fill some empty paper spaces with some ink.

Along with managerial rumours are the player rumours. Some of the names mentioned are much the same as before the likes of Lavezzi and Isla.

The subject of players coming and goings and future ideas will be discussed further by the Don in an article he’s currently preparing.  An article I can’t wait to read. (It’s coming soon people 🙂 )

During the summer break I will also write an article on the playing staff and playing styles I would consider for next season.


Stramaccioni is he the right man for Inter?  So far I like how he has managed the team and how he has used the players available.  4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 & 4-3-2-1 all three are positive formations built for attacking.  Why not try someone like Poli in the anchor man/holding role taken by Deki.  Cambiasso is another option and my favourite for that role.  Strama seems to have the support of the players.  How can we as fans judge a coach when the players seem the bigger issue at times? Moratti has some big decisions to make in the summer.  Are the games Stramaccioni has been in charge for been enough to judge his ability to take this club forward?  Moratti talks of a summer shake up, young players being the key to the future yet contract offers for Cordoba,Samuel and Chivu suggest otherwise.

I believe in Moratti and co. but some bad decisions have been made since the treble winning success and I fear the result of further mistakes. Talk over the past month from Moratti has given me hope but I just don’t get the contract offers, are we not just going to be in same situation next season. Wouldn’t object to Samuel being apart of the team but the more of these players we have the less space for the youth.

With three games left after a season that has felt like a lifetime we have hope that we might salvage something. If we fail to reach the Champions League I think we can all be proud of the work put in by all at Inter over the last month and we can all hope for a bright future. That may sound silly to be saying that I’m proud of what we have done but I believe we have a come a long way in a month. Under Ranieri we struggled to pass, create chances, defend let alone win a game. Under Stramaccioni we are playing a good attacking & passing game.  Every player is working hard, some are performing better than others but we are looking a little like the Inter we should be.

The time for big decisions is near!

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