Inter Milan – My First love

People have many passions in life and things that get their heart racing. For me however only one thing truly gets me going that is the mighty Nerazzurri. I bleed black and blue and it dictates my day-to-day life. I am constantly searching the internet keeping up with all the latest news about my beloved Inter and I also watch every game I possibly can. I also love watching videos of the great Inter players and teams of the past and reminding me of the great players, managers and teams Inter has been blessed with throughout the years.

I especially love watching videos of ‘il fenomeno’ the great Ronaldo. He is the main reason why I am an Inter fan and I will always be grateful to him for that. I remember as a young kid watching his unbelievable skills and his pace and power and his ability to make world-class defenders look like your average guy on the street. I was just memorized by him and as my love grew for him I also fell in love with inter. Even though Ronaldos playing career was plagued by injury I still believe he was the best player ever to step on a football pitch and even eclipses players such as Pele, Messi and Maradona. (I totally agree 🙂 – il Padrino)

As time went on I became more and more obsessed with Inter and my love grew for them. At this time however I was restricted to saturday morning highlights with James Richardson on channel four. I just remember as a young kid getting up early on a saturday morning to play four a side football and turning on the TV to watch players like Zanetti, Ronaldo, Vieri and co. I knew even from a young age that’s the team I wanted to support the rest of my life.

While on holiday in Italy in 2003 a dream came true, I got to go and see an Inter game v Brescia. The game was not at the Meazza but at Brescia’s home stadium the Mario Rigamonti. I was also sitting with the home fans but this didn’t matter I was still getting to see my beloved Inter play live. I remember walking to the stadium and the inter fans driving past me in their bus signing and then a couple of minutes later I got to see the team bus with all the players go past. I only got a quick glimpse but I remember seeing players like Crespo and Batistuta. I was so excited just to see these players and I couldn’t wait to get in the stadium and for the game to kick off. As soon as I got in the stadium I wasn’t bothered what was happening around me in the home end I was just engrossed with the Inter fans at the other end of the stadium and also the players warming up. Inter ended up winning the game 0-1 through an injury time goal by Crespo, even though we were completely outplayed in the game. This just made the whole holiday for me and I couldn’t stop smiling for a week. That day is when I became a true Interista and I could have never imagined the great years ahead.

As time progressed I learned more and more about the history of inter from the great Giuseppe Meazza of the 1930’s to the great teams from the past such as ‘La Grande Inter’ of the 1960’s and the great players such as Giacinto Facchetti and Sandro Mazzola who led that team to unthinkable success in that era. From the amazing success in the 60’s to the dark times in the 1990’s and early millennium I was learning more and more about inter and becoming more fascinated with this great club.

In February 2009 I was once again lucky enough to see another game. This time was even more special though as it was for the ‘Derby Della Madonnina’ against our red and black Milanese cousins. I booked it a few weeks before and I couldn’t wait to get their and for the whole experience to start. When I arrived the day before the game I was buzzing I could feel the excitement building throughout the whole city for the biggest game of the year. I hardly slept that night leading up to the game and I was up early the next day to get my first experience of the grand old stadium that is the Giuseppe Meazza. Standing outside the stadium for the first time was just simply amazing and it felt as if my life was complete. I was just soaking up the atmosphere and couldn’t wait to get in the stadium and in amongst it. I decided to go in the stadium around two hours before kick-off which may seem mad but the atmosphere was electric and I couldn’t wait to get in their also the ultras had been in eight hours before the start preparing the great display to be unveiled just as the players walked out. Walking up the ramp to get to my seat I could just hear the deafening sound inside the stadium. This was two hours before the start so I couldn’t wait to see what it would be like during the game.

When I got to my seat I was just amazed by this great stadium and the atmosphere that was created and the passion show by the fans. Around thirty minutes before kick off the players came out for the warm up. The Milan players came out first to a chorus of whistles and insults and then Inter came out to a heroes welcome. Then as the players went back in for the last piece of advice the announcer started to read out the team’s as he said the first name we all chanted back their second name it was simply incredible. Then just as the players started to come out the ultras in the Curva Nord unveiled the banner and started to hold up the pieces of card making out the club badge. I had seen this type of thing before but not live it was amazing all the preparation and hard work was worth it.

The game eventually started and it felt like the place was going to erupt. Half way through the first half Maicon whipped in a great ball for Adriano who rather suspiciously headed it in with the help of his hand. However that didn’t matter the place was going mental, and then the whole stadium (apart from Curva Sud) started bouncing up and down signing “Chi non salta rossonero è è.” I could literally feel the ground shaking beneath me then just as it was calming down slightly Deki scored with a sweetly struck volley to make it two nill going into the break. At half time the stadium was in a party atmosphere and the stadium was in full voice. Not long in to the second half Adriano had the chance to make it three and an embarrassing result but he put it agonizingly wide. With not long to go Pato pulled one back you could feel the tension around the stadium. Then disaster struck the sub Inzaghi scored with a superb left foot volley my heart was in my mouth. However to my and every Interistas relief it was called offside. We managed to hold on for a historic derby win and it almost handed us the title. All the Inter fans stayed behind to party with the team and the songs didn’t stop all night. I will never forget my first Inter game at the Meazza and what a game it was. 

My next and most recent experience as an Inter fan was May 16th 2010. We had already secured the Coppa Italia and were in the champions league final and on our way to a historic treble. I was not lucky enough to get a ticket for the Scudetto deciding game away to Siena but I watched it in a bar behind il Duomo with lots of other Inter fans. Inter needed a win to secure the Scudetto as Roma were two up away to Chievo and going into half time it was still 0-0 which was no good for us. Not long into the second half Zanetti slipped in Milito who made no mistake and put the ball in the corner. Every one went mad and everyone was hugging each other and we held on to secure our 18th and 5th consecutive Scudetto. We headed back to the Il Duomo and there was fireworks, flares, smoke grenades going off the lot. The place was a sea of black and blue and everyone was singing siamo noi, siamo noi, I campioni dell’italia siamo noi. Around midnight the team eventually arrived on an open top bus I got to see all the heroes of what was a week later to become the treble winning team a team that made history which I believe will never be repeated.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Inter on several occasions and I hope to witness many more games or maybe even move to Milan and be a regular. However, One thing is for sure I will never stop supporting Inter with all my heart even if it’s fighting relegation I will never stop supporting the mighty Nerazzurri. I’m sure that Inter in the years to come will win many more trophies and they will continue to produce many great champions and will bring even more joy to us great Inter fans around the world. Through thick and thin SEMPRE INTER.

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  1. Awesome write-up m8!

  2. simoncarabetta

    Mate this is a brilliant article. Brilliant not only because your passion for the Nerazzzurri is reflected greatly throughout, but also brilliant because so many of us as part of the Inter Family can relate very much to it. (although I wish I could relate the parts about actually getting to see Inter play up close and personal).

    Great article and keep up the good work. Love your writing.

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