For me personally, our colors are everything.  A friend of mine say this is a religion.  There are only two colors in this world to me it is BLACK and BLUE.As a hotelier and my hierarchy as a Concierge, I loves to have some chit-chat or maybe just a simply share a laugh with people.One day 2 guys approached me and asked me about local food.  I gave them the information they asked for then the conversation continued and I found out they were from ITALY.  The first thing came up in my mind is of course about FC INTERNAZIONALE MILANO.  The only one Italian club who won Treble, the Only one Italian club who never have Serie B in the tradition.In the middle of conversation i dared to ask one of ’em “Signor, I believed you are following Serie A?  Which club do you support?”  Then Luca (one of the 2 guys who approached me) answered “Serie A? Yes I do, I’m an INTERISTA!”  I spontaneously popped-up and said with cheer “Oh my God, I’m an Interista too! It’s really good to see an original Italian Interista”  In one step he took his wallet and showed me his official Inter fans club ID and me too, I show him my ICI Bandung (Inter Club Indonesia) ID and we both laughing loud just like 2 old friends that separated then meet up. What a feeling…

That simply chatting is the example, how we excited about this club, the fans all around the world and all the things about this club.

In the end of 2011 INTER’s CEO Ernesto Paolilo visited Indonesia to have a dinner with Entong Nursanto (Director of Topskor tabloid & Chief ICI) and staying for a couple of days.  After the visit, continuously the latest news that really can made us here crying and screaming at one time just come in.  After his departure from Indonesia, Ernesto Paolilo told Massimo and Bedy Moratti at Inter home base about how great is the enthusiasm of Indonesian Fans.  Then he sent a message to Mr. Entong Susanto (TopSkor Director), Paolilo says : “Inter will visits Indonesia soon!” What a statement!!!  It started with the launching of Indonesian language version. Rannocchia and Pazzini represented the club with T-shirt on ’em written “SELAMAT DATANG FANS INTER INDONESIA DI WEBSITE TERBARU KAMI” it means “Welcome to Inter fans from Indonesia in our new website”  And finally the confirmation that Inter is really come to Indonesia is revealed. The ticket sale is opened from January to ‘H-day’ (may 23-27).There was tears to know that the Nerazzurri will visit Indonesia and there was a scream to know that it was confirmed.  Hard to explained how exactly feeling we had here to know that OUR DREAM IS COMING TRUE!!!
We are here do really know how the club treating their fans, maybe I knew it is one of their marketing plan in South East (Indonesia is the first country to be visited by INTER). But, I don’t give a damn! All I know is now that Inter would come to my country in May and they do really care about us Indonesian fans!!!  After Indonesian version of and confirmation of the club will come to Indonesia. Now, It is time for us, the Indonesian Interisti to repay all the kindness and the attention of the club’s management.Unspoken promises from us was ‘there will be no other colors in Jakarta on may 23-27 except BLACK and BLUE…’
Tickets were divided into 5 classes : VVIP, VIP, 1st Class, 2nd Class and tribune. All of member ICI regional or non-members from the very west to the very east island of the country not even giving a space for every single day to booked a tickets.
Here are the prices of the event :
– Tribune          : IDR 75.000 / € 6,5
– 1st Class       : IDR 150.000 / € 12,6
– 2nd Class      : IDR 500.000 / € 42
– West VIP       : IDR 3.000.000 / € 251
– East VIP        : IDR 3.500.000 / € 293
– VVIP              : IDR 5.000.000 / € 418
– INTER Village : IDR 20.000 / € 2
– Meet & Greet :  IDR 25.000.000 / € 2.092
On may 23, the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport was flooded by BLACK and BLUE.  We wouldn’t miss even a day to show the support.  A banner saying  ‘BENVENUTO INTER’ was big enough to take a place in the International arrival gate.  That’s a first sign! Next? it’s unpredictable and remarkable indeed.
It is separated into two matches, may 24th Indonesia U23 was scheduled to meet INTER, and on the 26th, the Indonesia Selection team waited to play against the Nerazzurri.  Between these 2 games, at the hall of Stadium Gelora Bung Karno was held ‘INTER VILLAGE’ from 23th until 27th may. INTER VILLAGE provided booths of Inter hall of fame, PS3 challenge, photo booth, music concert, face painting, inter store etc. INTER village are opened from 09.00 – 18.00. But, people comes to the Stadium from  the early morning. Full with the attributes and huge flag of BLACK and BLUE. In short, The Stadium was already changed its color to BLACK and BLUE in every corner. On the other side, it is become a media which unite us, from one regional with the other regional. There are no other reason why we flew from our home to Jakarta!  We were there for one reason only, one love. One love for…INTERNAZIONALE MILANO.To see among so many people full with attributes of INTER in our country is a historic event for us.  For INTER itself indeed, we are the first South East country that has been visited by INTER. The feeling I have to see all of this is beyond description, different regional but chanting the same language, same words, same spirit, same tears (of happiness)…oh my GOD!!!   FYI: The capacity of GBK (Gelora Bung Karno) Stadium is 88.000 with maximum 120.000.  
“CHI NON SALTA E’ROSSONERRO HEYY…HEYY…. CHI NON SALTA E’ROSSONERRO HEYY…HEYY!!!” Ernesto Paolilo put his hand up high in the air, jumping..jumping…facing The North Section of the stadium (We called it the replica of Curva Nord) jumping and chanting the same things!!! Could you tell me what I have to say to see this moment? You think you have an idea? I DON’T THINK SO!!!
A best moment for me? Yes, it is!  After Paolilo saluting the fans at the stadium by walk, now Bedy Moratti show herself at the stadium and started walking and saluting our ‘Curva Nord’. The stadium spontaneously thunderous!!! AMAZING…they are saluting us, Bedy Moratti and Ernesto Paolilo saluting US!!! 
Next minutes “Pazza INTER Amala” are reverberated along with INTER players coming in the pitch for warming up. Oh my God…i am so this close with Capitano, the living legend, the Everyone’s idol, the role model, the original Highlander, the one who other wanted to be…
There are Ivan Ramiro Cordoba, defender that Il Phenomenon (R9) always said he didn’t want to meet. “The Wall” Samuel, Pazzo, Andrea Poli, Palombo, Castelazzi, Orlandoni, Maicon, “Il Principe” Milito, Coutinho after his return from Espanyol, Jonathan and of course our lovely Anchor-man Esteban “Cuchu” Cambiasso.  Also some primavera players that won the NextGen Series this year such as, Crisetig, Longo, Dellafiore, Biraghi, Tremolada. No forget our salutation also shouted to Andrea Stramaccioni who lately has been extended contract for 3 years from management, also cheers to Beppe Baresi. To be honest, we a bit upset to know that JC can’t pass the final test physic from Prof. Combi. He is a legend, no doubt!
KICK OFF!!! The whistle is on…The stadium explodes!!!  The match played in average speed but without losing its fascination.  Longo is very tactical player supported by good passer such Palombo.  The Immortal man is tractor-ing the right flank of the pitch, and as always tireless, always got the loudest chants from the fans at the stadium…IL CAPITANO.
Longo changed the score by passing Aji Saka and netting the ball without an obstacle. In the second half, Coutinho in replacing Longo, also Maicon and Jonathan coming in. That night no one can stop Coutinho, Liga Selection Indonesia has been shut-downed by his dance. He looks sharper and faster after return. The speed is instantly increasing. Right flank is totally owned by Maicon and Jonathan,they both are unstoppable. Last goal was scored by Luca Tremolada, Coutinho is the architect.
. . . . .
Besides this year results, the love will never fade or decrease even a bit.
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