Daily Transfer Rumors – June 17



Moratti wants to cut salary: uncertain future for Julio Cesar and Sneijder. Castaignos towards West Ham.

First offer for Debucy to form new wings with Kolarov. Here is the 5 milion for the French but Lille want more.

Destro, Giovinco, and Silvestre: to be decided.

Milan – Things are on the move. The outgoing transfer market of Inter is about to take off. After having collected 8 million from the outright sale of Goran Pandev to Napoli, the Nerazzurri would increase their money coffer with Maicon and Castaignos. But in the plans of Moratti, Branca and Ausilio is the will to lower the mountain of salaries, with relative to the revolution of the team, would lead to other big departures. Some certain departures are that of Forlan and Lucio but also Julio Cesar, Pazzini and Sneijder, those that are with uncertain future.

Leaving The closest farewells are Castaignos, Lucio and Maicon. For the last one, there is Chelsea in the background but especially the strong interest from Real Madrid and at 10 million euros, things could close. A lot less than the 25 offered two years ago. But now Maicon is going to be 31 on July 26, has an expiring contract next year and makes 4 million net per season. Here is why Inter would cash in and save 18 million: 10 for his card plus 8 gross in salary. Different story for Castaignos. Going after the 19 year-old are West Ham (who recently put 8 million on the table), Swansea, PSV, Feyenoord and Hoffenheim. And that figure in these days would be hard to refuse. Yesterday the 34 year-old Brazilian Lucio said: “I would go to Fenerbahce but the last word belongs to Inter.” Meaning: with two more years remaining in his contract, the player is expected a buyout. That at the end might come because the 16 saved million (4 net per two years) is worth the trouble.


  • Maicon – 18 million: Real Madrid to offer 10 million for his card and Inter to save 8 million gross for the last year of contract.
  • Lucio – 16 million: There is the risk of a golden handshake (buyout) but Inter will save 8 million gross for the next two years.
  • Julio Cesar – 20 million: The goalkeeper has two years left in his contract at 4.5 million net per. Even at 2 million transfer fee, Inter would save 20 million overall.
  • Wesley Sneijder – 56 million: The Dutch could be worth 20 million and makes 6 million net per season for the next three years, or 36 million gross.
  • Diego Forlan – 8 million: Has another year in the contract at 4 million. Even letting him go for free, Inter would save 8 million gross.
  • Giampaolo Pazzini – 28 million: He has another 3 years in his contract at 2.5 million. Other than the 15 million in wage, another 12-13 could arrive for his sale.


  • Mathieu Debuchy – 10 million: For the 27 year-old of the French national team, Lille want 10 million. But a good Euro does not play into the favor of Inter.
  • Aleksandar Kolarov – 10 million: For the 26 year-old Serbian, City have already said no to an 8 million offer. Going up to 10 then Inter could close.
  • Matias Silvestre – 10 million: Palermo are asking too much for the 27 year-old. Inter want a decrease and there is Andreolli behind the scene.
  • Mattia Destro – 13 million: This is the minimum fee for the 21 year-old Genoa striker who will be redeemed from Siena.
  • Sebastian Giovinco – 25 million: The Italian is co-owned between Juventus and Parma who must decide what to do before June 22.
  • Gaston Ramirez – 20 million: Bologna want a lot for the player but Inter would include other pieces to the Rossoblu.
  • Nigel de Jong – 8 million: The Dutch has an expiring contract in 2013 so it’s either City sell now or lose him on a free transfer.

Longer times As with Forlan who has another year remaining in contract at 4 million. The factor that has discouraged potential buyers. If we are talking about high salary, the first on that list is Wesley Sneijder. With three more years at 6 million net per season, the Dutch could free up 36 million gross. That including the transfer fee which would be difficult to be more than 15-20 million euros. The big European clubs are at the window. Just as everyone wants the Primavera players (met with Catania for Crisetig and Romanò), there are no offers for Julio Cesar who will turn 33 in September and is in current shadow of Handanovic. The Brazilian (4.5 million guaranteed for the next two seasons) has already sniffed the rumor and on May 25, during Curva Nord celebration, he reiterated that he wants to stay. On the other hand yesterday wife Susana Werner twitted “I don’t know what will happen.” Selling Julio would make Inter a few million as well as save 18 in salary. Lastly, Pazzini. He is making “only” 2.5 million a year which is 15 gross until 2015. He cost 19 in January of 2011 and despite various depreciation, Inter cannot sell him for less than 12-13 million. Not easy. But if Ancelotti…

Possible arrivals With the sale of several important players approaches, Inter also have on the table multiple deals themselves. For now Guarin from Porto and Poli from Sampdoria have been redeemed and of course the arrival of Palacio from Genoa. With the Rossoblu of Preziosi, Inter will look to close for Destro in the next few days. But next week could the an important week to get closer to Aleksandar Kolarov and Mathieu Debuchy.

Fullbacks For the 26 year-old Serbian, City refused an 8 million offer at the end of May. In recent days, contacts have resumed even if the former Lazio player is making a very high salary (could exceed over 5 million with prizes and bonuses). He wants a big club that would allow him to have a place in the starting eleven and continues to send clear messages. Debuchy, meanwhile, is rather quiet with the French national team at the Euro. His positive performances at this tournament do not help Inter with the risk of a surging price tag. So much so that the Lille president has already begun playing the “no intention to sell the player.” Rejected a first attack of a 5 million offer but with 8-10, this deal can be closed.

Central midfielder Inter will make another attempt for Nigel De Jong whose contract expires in 2013. Without forgetting “the dream” Yann M’Vila (for the 21 year-old, Rennes are asking for 20 million) while Inter have blocked Gaby Mudingayi, the 30 year-old Belgian of Bologna with many counterparts and one could be Juan Jesus. Next week there should be another contact with Palermo to resolve the co-ownership of Emiliano Viviano (then destined to go to Fiorentina) and try again for Silvestre. After having offer, unsuccessfully, 4 million plus half of Viviano for the Argentinian, Inter to propose to the Rosanero two separate operations. But Zamparini now insists in asking for at least 12 million. And in the background there is always Andreolli.

Attack Let’s not forget the strikers. Giovinco can only be done if Juve do not get Parma’s half. Then there is Gaston Ramirez, there is a demand of 20 million from Bologna, a figure would be lower with counterparts.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport


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