Daily Transfer Rumors – June 20

Personal Terms Reach With Handanovic

Inter are ready to strike two players this very week. According to Sky, the Nerazzurri are making some important steps towards Samir Handanovic and Matias Silvestre. First of the Argentinian defender. Inter are working closely with Palermo and the two parties are very close. The meetings that took place recently have taken decisive developments.

On the front of Handanovic, however, Inter have practically reached an agreement with the player. Now, the club will deal with Udinese and the name that certainly will be included in this deal is Marco Davide Faraoni.

Agent: “Interest From Inter Very Real But…”

“The interest coming from Inter is very real but everything depends on Massimo Moratti. He will have to decide the future of Julio Cesar and after that, this negotiation (for Handanovic) will be unlocked.” That was Federico Pastorello, agent of Udinese goalkeeper, discussing the future of his client with SportItalia. Inter like Handanovic a lot but “first we must see what will happen to Julio Cesar.”

Inter continue working on bringing the Slovenian goalkeeper to Milan. Julio Cesar? This is a knot that has not yet been untied.

Luc Castaignos: “I’m Leaving”

Luc Castaignos has finally spoken. To Sky the Dutch striker says all of his intentions as well as saying goodbye to Inter.

“The situation is clear, I want to return to Feyenoord on loan. But Inter have given me an either-or: either a loan in Italy or an outright sale. My response was that in Italy, I only wanted to play for Inter because I only came to Italy to wear the Inter shirt and no other. But now I must go and Inter will help me with a transfer. I am very sad and I won’t deny it but that’s football. My choice has been discussed between me and the club and I am sorry that I did not show my quality.

“I must say thanks to the fans because they helped me in a difficult year but unfortunately this is football. I also regret of not being able to help Feyenoord but now I am looking for a big club.”

Agent: “Interest From Turkish Clubs For Milito But…”

Fernando Hidalgo, to SportItalia, discusses the rumors and apparently interest surrounding his client: Diego Milito. “On Milito, there is interest from some Turkish clubs but surely the Argentinian striker will stay at Inter.” There is no doubt about it.

Paulinho: “Negotiations? There’s Nothing”

Interviewed by Lancenet, the Corinthians midfielder and long time transfer target of Inter Paulinho, discusses his future:

“Many are talking about these rumors of my future in Europe but there is nothing, no negotiations. My objective for now is to stay at Corinthians and I am only thinking of being here.”

Palermo President: “Matias Silvestre To Inter At 99%”

Very important confirmation coming from Maurizio Zamparini to Radio Radio TV on the meeting yesterday with Moratti to discuss Silvestre:

“We met to talk about other businesses and then our discussion went on to Silvestre and I can say that we are on the same page to find an agreement. I would say that the chances to close the deal are at 99%. We will meet again, it is easier to close in two minutes between presidents rather than sporting directors. Figure? We would probably sell at 8-10 million euros.”

8 Million From West Ham For Castaignos To Be Reinvested For Destro

The future of Luc Castaignos seems to have decided and the Dutch striker is destined to leave Inter this summer. The most important revelation is that this potential transfer will be an outright sale rather not a loan. And according to the Gazzetta dello Sport, the Nerazzurri are about to make a tremendous profit and it will be reinvested in the transfer market.

“The money collected for Castaignos (with whom will be a great gain because he cost Inter 1.5 million euros) will be turned to Genoa to secure Mattia Destro, a year older but a lot more ready,” explain Gazzetta referring to the 8 million offer from West Ham.

Sky: Borini Pushing Destro To Rome But…

Angelo Mangiante from Sky Sport has revealed the pushing of Fabio Borini to convince Mattia Destro to join him in Rome: “Borini is seriously spending with so many messages to Destro, trying to convince him to choose Roma. But now it’s time to meetings between the company and offers are subject to value. ”

Inter will bid for Jovetic

Enrico Fedele, known FIFA agent, speaking on Radio Toscana launches a prediction about the future of Stevan Jovetic: “The Montenegrin is a sublime player, very appreciated by Chelsea and he is also an old love of president De Laurentis. But if I had to make a prediction, after the fading track of Giovinco and I don’t think Lucas will come to Inter, the Nerazzurri will make an offer to Fiorentina for Jo-Jo.”

Inter To Raise: 7 Million Plus Bonuses For Debuchy

Inter are preparing to increase their offer for Mathieu Debuchy: according to the French website sport365.fr, the Nerazzurri are ready to make a new offer for the Lille full-back. The new proposal would start with the fixed 7 million euros and Inter would include other bonuses.

Agent: “Inter-Silvestre Not Done Yet”

It is not yet completed in detail the operation for Matias Silvestre to Inter and this was revealed by the player’s agent Cosentino to calciomercato.it. “Inter are certainly a very welcome place but the deal is not quite concluded yet.” Earlier today, we had Zamparini, Palermo president, suggesting that he will meet with Moratti again and that the “chances of closing this deal are at 99%.”

Alfred Duncan To GhanaSoccernet: “Never Asked To Leave”

In an interview with Ghanasoccernet, one of the jewels of Inter Primavera and certainly one of the reasons that our young players are European and Italian Champions, Joseph Alfred Duncan, had denied reports that he is seeking a transfer on loan and that his future is only here.

“I never talked about leaving Inter Milan or going on loan or whatsoever. I just talked about how the reason went for me and commented about the coming season. Inter Milan have been my all and they have made me as a player. I cannot leave the club at this crucial stage of my career. I’m staying put.”

According to reports, the Ghanaian midfielder will join Stramaccioni in training camp in Pinzolo early July.

Meeting In Session For Mattia Destro

Finally. Inter and Genoa are sitting at a table for Mattia Destro and also to discuss other businesses such as Kucka and Longo. The Nerazzurri will now deal directly with Genoa thanks to the fact that the Rossoblu have got all the card of the Italian striker after spending 6 million and half of two players to Siena.

19:56 – And now also president Moratti has left the meeting. “We talked about everything and now we will decide. We are considering all the possibilities. Preziosi said that we are not interested in Destro? Well, he could be right… I like Destro but I also like other players. We will see what happens. Zamparini said that Silvestre is ours at 99%? Well yes and now I will hear from him to understand more. Giovinco? It is right like this.”

19:44 – The meeting between Inter and Genoa is still happening. However, Preziosi just left with a few important words: “It is a pleasure to talk to Moratti. We did not talk about Destro and I don’t think he is in their plans (saying it with a smile). Longo will remain at Inter, Kucka to Genoa.”

19:18 – Sky confirms that the meeting is still in progress. “Zarbano, Genoa man dealing with contracts, is also present. This meeting could very well be decisive. Destro, Kucka and Long are the names on the table.”
19:10 – This meeting for Destro has been going on for a long time. It is still underway with so many pieces (Kucka, Longo) on the table other than the 21 year-old Italian striker.

18:45 – According to FC Inter News, Angelomario Moratti has also arrived at Inter headquarters.

18:40 – The meeting is still going on, both parties are discussing all matters. But the discussion is especially for the future of Mattia Destro, one that Inter want to bring home.

18:16 – Gianluca Di Marzio, through his website, has updated us on the status of negotiations: “Now the meeting between Inter and Genoa is underway to discuss the future of Mattia Destro. Preziosi want to give the entire card of the striker, not just his half. On the table there are other names, we are talking about a complex operation with also Kucka and Longo involved.”

17:55 – The parties are discussing transfer matter in the offices of Inter, the feeling is that this knot will not be simple to untie.

17:43 CET – On the table, there is not only the destiny of Destro: confirmation from the paper that Samuele Longo and Juraj Kucka will also be discussed.

17:40 CET – As reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport, the meeting is attended by Inter president Massimo Moratti, Genoa president Enrico Preziosi, as wellas Capozucca, Zarbano, Ausilio and Branca. At the moment, only missing is the new director of Genoa Pietro La Monaco.

Samuele Longo Now Belongs To Inter

Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky has updated us on what did happen during the meeting between Inter and Genoa.

“Inter have redeemed all the card of Samuele Longo while Juraj Kucka will go to Genoa (Genoa’s half of Longo to Inter, Inter’s half of Kucka to Genoa). the real problem for Destro is the formula: Inter want half while Genoa want to sell outright. Negotiations will continue.”

Not Over For Silvestre, Agent Dines With Milan

Apparently Milan are not giving up on Matias Silvestre and they are trying everything to get the defender. As revealed by Sky, there was a meeting, or rather, a dinner between the agent and Adriano Galliani. The Rossoneri have officially announced the signing of Francesco Acerbi from Chievo today but they would also like the Palermo defender. It’s safe to say that we have a Milan derby on the transfer market.

Surprise Of The Night – Siena Get Half Of Destro

A sensational turn of event in the negotiation for Mattia Destro. Siena, in a meeting just a few moments ago, have acquired half of the player. Apparently the Bianconeri could not come to an agreement with Genoa, one that could send Mattia Destro to Genoa fully. At this point, the situation is reversed with Juventus could take the player due to the good relationship with the club of Mezzaroma. The transfer market men of Mezzaroma sent a fax before midnight a certified mail to formalize the deal.

Genoa president: “Would Not Go Against Moratti’s Interest”

Negotiations for Destro have been disrupted by the acquisition of Siena for the player’s half. To discuss this latest twist in this whole saga, here is the president of Genoa Enrico Preziosi:

“Destro? I have not had the opportunity to speak with Lo Monaco. Things do not change in my opinion. If we could not find an agreement with Siena today, then it could happen tomorrow. Juve? The player cannot go anywhere without our consent, there is no chance. If Siena acquired a half, we will talk. Promised to Inter? We did not promise anything to anybody, we have an open discussion with everyone. With all the conditions on par, Inter would have the advantage to bring him on for a moral discourse. Moratti binds us with affections and friendship and I would not do anything against his interest, although obviously it would have to fit ours. If a team offers 10 and Inter offer 9, I would give to Inter.”

Source: FedeNerazzura.com


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