Daily Transfer Rumors – June 21-22

Inter Active On Fernando Of Gremio

Sabatino Durante, a known FIFA agent, speaks to the microphones of Radiocalciomercato about one of the main faces of Brazilian football, the Gremio midfielder Fernando: “He’s a young boy, he has quality technically. A complete player that can do well in our league. He’s doing very well in a team level as the Gremio. Inter are on him actively but there are some German clubs.”

Silvestre’s Agent: “Foundations Are There For Silvestre-Inter”

It was a confusing day yesterday on the Matias Silvestre front as well with Zamparini suggesting that it is 99% done. But at the end of the day yesterday, the player’s agent was seen dining with Milan vicepresident Adriano Galliani. To clear up the situation, here is the same agent talking to FC Inter News:

“From yesterday morning and now to this afternoon, things have not changed much, at least for our purposes. We are here, waiting for some for someone to call us. As I have said, Silvestre from Palermo to Inter is still not a completed negotiation, although foundations have been laid. We will see what happens although I don’t have the time table. I cannot say if this negotiation would be closed today for the next day. Four-year contract? I’m not going into details. Silvestre, for now, is staying calm: he got married last Saturday and deserves a few days of rest.”

Bidding War Of Three For Destro

According to the Corriere dello Sport , the auction for Mattia Destro looks really expensive. When everything was in place for a transfer of the attacker to Inter via Genoa, but Siena decided to exercise the option of a co-ownership. And for this reason, Juventus and Roma back in the race. So for the Italian striker we have a bidding war between Inter, Juve and Roma, something that Massimo Moratti wanted to avoid.

Bologna Director: “We Like Juan Jesus”

This rumor has been around for weeks: Bologna are very interested in Juan Jesus. And to reveal the truth here is the general director of Genoa Roberto Zanzi:

“We have expressed our preference on Juan Jesus saying that we like the player: however, we still have not started negotiation with Inter for the simple fact that these days are related to co-ownership deals. I think that from next week, we can go forward and there should be time to talk about negotiations, including that of Juan Jesus.”

Inter Not Letting Go Of Destro, First Contact With Siena

“We like Mattia Destro and we will evaluate the price after the latest developments.” The words from Marco Branca are an important signal and not casual. Because just revealed by Sky, Inter have established contacts with Siena: inquires to bring this thing forward because there has been a moral pact with Genoa for quite some time. This contact shows that Inter are not letting go of Destro and have their eyes fixed on the player. For Siena, however, this is the moment of calmness and want to evaluate all situations. Inter and Genoa are on the move, Juve and Roma are behind but ready to strike again. The Destro intrigue continues…

Marco Branca On The Latest Transfer Developments

A lengthy transfer market discussion between Inter technical director Marco Branca and Tele Radio Stereo. Here are his words starting with Mattia Destro.

“The contractual situation of Destro between Genoa and Siena does not directly concern us. Some time ago we had a talk with Genoa to enter into a partnership for Mattia Destro, a player that we know well. But now we must evaluate the price tag because yes we are thinking of Destro but we must always put the price tag in front. Destro is a player of great prospects, it’s true that there is a crisis of his role but the quality of Mattia are not questionable, however, the economic questions are there. We are also evaluating other solutions for the attack. I would like to clarify that our relationship with Genoa is good simply because Genoa have a good relationship with the majority of the clubs. Preziosi is a passionate football fan and I think that Milan, for example, have equally good relationships.”

Who are Inter following on the transfer market?

“Ideas are not lacking at Inter although we maybe lack the support for those ideas. But we have many ideas and if the first idea is not doable, we try to implement the second and then the third. This year we have to make choices that from the economic point of view can bear fruit for a few seasons. In comparison to the biggest clubs around Europe like the Spanish, City, United and Chelsea, we have the same costs but half of revenues. So we must make choices, even the painful one if necessary, because these costs are no longer sustainable.”

Can Lucas arrive? What about Pazzini, could he leave? Is it a done deal for Silvestre?

“Inter are in a position that doing deals that worth 15-20 million, we must think about it. The same applies for Lucas of Sao Paulo. I understand that it is difficult to digest some new dynamics for the fans. For Pazzini like any other, we are pleased that our players are much appreciated and he is one of the players that we will evaluate. 99% done for Silvestre? I appreciate the optimism of Zamparini but the Silvestre deal is not 99% done.”

A message to the fans of Inter.

“Inter do not want to hide. Our effort in the transfer market is to give our fans a competitive team. This is our goal to be pursued until the end of August.”

Genoa President To Juve: “Destro Will Never Go To A Club Without My Agreement”

Literally an explosion coming from Enrico Preziosi. The Genoa president is furious with the fact that Siena have half of Destro and also other clubs behind the Bianconeri. Preziosi has made it clear today after the meeting with Massimo Moratti.

“Siena wanted and now Mezzaroma (Siena president) will get to keep him so enjoy it. Destro will stay at Siena because he will never go to a club without me agreeing to it.”

Words of fire because it is clear that Preziosi had virtually sold Destro to Inter on Wednesday and the inclusion of other teams behind Siena (Juve and Roma) is absolutely not appreciated. Genoa want to sell Destro to Inter. A clear provocation that opens a war between Genoa and Siena with a slap in the face of Juve and Roma.

Meanwhile, Sky’s Gianluca Di Marzio explains what’s behind the words of Enrico Preziosi:

“Preziosi’s message is directly at Juventus. The Turin club was behind the shoulders of Siena pushing Mezzaroma to acquire the half of Destro and as a result, agreement between Genoa and Inter collapsed. Preziosi has taken a stand and warned Juve: for Destro, they will never get his OK.”

Branca: “Longo’s Situation Defined”

The meeting between Inter and Genoa today has officially ended. Duration time? Around two hours. Massimo Moratti remained silent leaving his offices while Inter sporting director Marco Branca said that there is no news regarding Mattia Destro. “We have only defined the situation of Longo and Kucka. For Destro there is no news.” Even Capozucca, Genoa sporting director, went away without speaking to the media.

De Jong Negotiating Renewal With City?

Nigel De Jong, whose contract with City expires in June of 2013, is one of the midfielders on the list of Inter directors. Talks are continuing with the English club especially on the front of Kolarov but it is possible that the Nerazzurri will also discuss the Dutch midfielder who has a value of 10 million euros. However, according to the English media, Roberto Mancini is ready to give him a chance for a contract renewal seeing how he has no intention to sign anybody for the midfield.

OFFICIAL: Samuele Longo Fully Owned By Inter

After two intensive meetings between Inter and Genoa, it is now official that Samuele, previously co-owned by both clubs, is now fully an Inter player. In an official press release a few moments ago, in fact, there are five players that now fully belong to Inter.

1. Enrico Alfonso, goalkeeper, born 1988, last season at Cremonese, co-owned between Inter and Chievo Verona, solution: Inter.

2. Francesco Bardi, goalkeeper, born 1992, last season at Livorno, co-owned between Inter and Livorno, solution: Inter.

3. Samuele Longo, striker, born 1992, last season at Inter, co-owned between Inter and Genoa, solution: Inter.

4. Felice Natalino, defender, born 1992, at Crotone since January, co-owned between Inter and Genoa, solution: Inter.

5. Meme Baba Thiam, striker, born 1992, last season at Avellino, co-owned between Inter and Sassuolo, solution: Inter.

A few other notable names are Emiliano Viviano (co-ownership with Palermo renewed), Lorenzo Tassi (co-ownership with Brescia renewed), Obiora Nwankwo (co-ownership with Parma renewed), Marko Livaja (co-ownership with Cesena renewed), Rene Krhin (co-ownership with Bologna renewed), Lorenzo Crisetig (co-ownership with Parma renewed), and last but not least Juraj Kucka (co-ownership with Genoa resolved, solution: Genoa).

Massimo Moratti: “Destro? Siena And Genoa Know More”

Today was the last day dedicated to co-ownership deals. A few minutes ago, at the exit of his Saras offices, Massimo Moratti responded brieftly to the reporters’ questions.

President, Enrico Preziosi wanted Mattia Destro to Inter and now he says that Destro will play in Siena next season. What happened?
“I do now know, they (Siena and Genoa) know more.”

Still have hope?
“It is not the question of being hopeful. We are just keeping an eye on the transfer market, nothing more.”

They said certain agreements were changed so there was a pact for Destro’s arrival at Inter?
“Ask Preziosi, I don’t know.”

Genoa-Inter Together For Mr. X: Wallace Of Fluminense

His name is Wallace and he is the latest idea of Genoa and Inter. Massimo Moratti and Enrico Preziosi continue to communicate and at this hour there was another meeting. Coming out of it was the name of the Brazilian full-back, born in 1994, owned by Fluminense. Wallace is a right-back who is already in the U-20 Brazilian team. Considered as one of the most promising talents in Brazil, he made Fluminense first team when he was just 18 years old. The cost is about 3 million euros. Wallace’s characteristics are very strong offensively but must improve significantly on the defensive end.

With his non-EU status, the idea of Inter and Genoa is that the player could go to the Rossoblu but remaining between the two clubs is a moral commitment.

Source: FedeNerazzurra.com


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