Internazionale Monthly Review – September

The season is up and running the transfer market has been shut for a month and it’s all down to serious business. Games are coming thick and fast, isn’t it fantastic to have Serie A back?


Inter 1-3 Roma

A neutral would have loved this game and quite clearly I’m not a neutral but as football goes it was entertaining but not the way I wanted it to be.  A lot of people had a lot of bad things to say via Twitter about our performance. My take is simple I thought we were positive in the first half and exactly as Strama said we lost our way in the second, psychologically I think we feared them in the 2nd half.  There were positives for sure Ranocchia looked good as well as Pereira and Gargano. In the first half we were fluid an kept possession but we failed to create decent chances. People must not forget not many teams will attack us in our own back yard the way Roma did. If you don’t keep hold of the ball that’s what Roma will do to you. The goals, well a lack of tracking back left the debutant Florenzi for Roma to hear home from a Totti cross. A quality through ball from Wes and neat control and turn from Cassano left him clear to shoot, doing so a deflection of Burdisso lobbed the keeper and went in off the post. Roma second a through ball of the highest quality in between our centre backs left Osvaldo a simple lob into the net. Roma made it three from a tight angle.

Torino 0-2 Inter

A good away win. A long-range effort from Milito gave controlling Inter the lead. In the second half, a nice cross from Alvarez, dummy from milito and a first touch and turn of the highest quality from Cassano to which he then slotted home. The whole team seemed so comfortable on the ball. Juan and Ranocchia were outstanding. Calm,composed good in the ball and good in the tackle. Real bright prospects. The change in system worked an shows the intelligence of Stramma and the team. Such a fluid system clearly is hard to play against. Doubled up on both flanks, Cambiasso dropping deep to pick up the ball and play it forward.

Inter 1-1 Ruben Kazan

These types of games seem all to familiar for our beloved nerazzurri in the last couple of seasons. Control of the game, spells of good play but not taking the chances created. Went 1 nil down thanks to what can only be described as a amateur bit of thinking by Jonathan in the penalty box. Resulting penalty saved by Inter new no1 in Handanovic and finished on the re bound. If given the penalty was not enough if you see from a certain camera angle as the penalty is taken you see various Inter players darting into the box but there is Jonathan standing on the edge of the box and by the time it rebounds out he is about two steps inside the box. If he cared/put any effort in he would have been able to defend the rebound. Disgraceful! Pulled level through some lovely work by Cassano feeding Cambiasso who with great composure lays a lovely ball for livaja to head home. Rubin gain the lead after really not troubling us for a while. Again we seem to lose confidence then get punished. Late on Milito puts in a nice cross for Nagatomo to rifle home. Another day livaja would have had a couple more and the headlines would’ve been all about a wonderful youth project at Inter.

Inter 0-2 Siena

Well, more of the same create chances, opponents keeper has a top game, team get complacent concede then concede some more. What else is there to say. The first half I was quite impressed but we lack a little balance and mental strength but its early on and we will grow. Nothing else to say. 18 shots on target but no goals. 7 against and two conceded.

Chievo 0-2 Inter

Inter Good result at a difficult place to go. First half we lacked fluidity and going forward we looked poor. In a rare move forward a cross/shot from Nagatomo was tucked away by Pereira. Looked more of a cross to me and credit to Pereira for his movement. Second half was a bit of an improvement. after a pass from Gargano, Cassano tucked the ball across the keeper to make it 2. It wasn’t the best performance but it’s away from home at a difficult place with a team under pressure. A game that last season we would not have won. One thing of note for me was bringing Gargano on. Felt from that point even though it was late on the ball got about the park better. Gargano held his position in the middle and linked the play. Within the 3511 Stramma used Zanetti/Cambiasso/Guarin in the middle. Until a holding midfielder is purchased the midfield in my view would be far more effective with Gargano sitting allowing Cambiasso and Guarin to do what they do.

Inter 2-1 Fiorentina

3 points at home! We looked a little more like the Inter side I expected. On another day this would have been around 5-1 if Milito had his shooting boots on. Lined up with a 3421 which for me looked better going forward and the team had more balance then the 3511. Coutinho had a good first half and caused Fiorentina lots of problems, Cassano created chances and Ranocchia and Juan Jesus looked on top form. Going forward we looked much better, we looked likes organised efficient team. Milito put Inter one up from the spot after a penalty was awarded for a handball from a Zanetti cross. The second was a lovely bit of play. Ronnochia brought the ball out of defence, played a nice pass along the ground which Cambiasso dummied leaving Cassano to control and slot home sending Viviano the wrong way. Cambiasso run really made this goal, taking the defender out-of-the-way leaving Cassano with plenty of time. Romulu got Fiorentina a goal back after. Being left with a free header in the box. You could see the team are slowly gelling. Players are clearly trying to find their feet within the system which is causing the odd mistake but overall a step forward. A special mention for Nagatomo and Juan Jesus who impressed me today. Nagatomo is a player I am often critical of but so far this season he’s been okay.

My views

Seems to be an issue about sustaining pressure and taking real control of the game, especially in the position of being the home side. It’s far to early to be taking of crisis or mistakes being made and I don’t think such talk will come. Most moves were made late on, injuries an Europa league qualifiers are not the best preparation for a new season. There’s a lot of new faces and changes taking place at Inter and anyone expecting a treble winning season is much mistaken. Rome wasn’t built in a day as the saying goes. I was happy with our mercato but we really miss a Thiago Motta style midfielder. I believe such a player would make all the difference. We have no one holing that position making those type of passes. Such a player might not light up the Guiseppe Meazza but sustain pressure/possession creating momentum creating confidence resulting in 3 points! We have a team full of options available to Stramma allowing him to adapt his system as he wishes but we miss that holding player.

Secondly and less important competition for Milito. Unlikely but if Milito has an off period or injury what do we do. Palacio would be good as part of the team not a lone forward for me, sure Palacio will contribute as be looked great in pre season but unlike him of a forward man not the forward man Rumours of Lorrente from Bilbao in Jan would be great but I can’t see us investing to be honest even though it would be a small fee due to his contract ending. Perhaps Inter are waiting on Longo to see how he progresses this season.

Finally I worry about the Europa league and its impact it may have on our league campaign. Playing on a Thursday the other side of Europe then returning for a league fixture on a Sunday. This forces changes that might not be what Stramma wants. Playing a Thursday then Sunday is going to cause more injuries an much more fatigue which already shows on Guarin an Milito in the latter stages of games. I look forward to seeing how Stramma juggles, but Serie A must be our priority.

Player of the month

Andrea Ranocchia I was torn between him and Cassano but with all the criticism Andrea has received in the past year I felt it was deserved. (Not that my opinion means much) Andrea has looked like a decent young centre back again, reading the game, intercepting passes winning headers and most importantly much more consistent and confident. He seems more relaxed on the field which is bringing better performances. Mistakes will be made as do all centre backs but he’s young the teams developing and a Italy legend of the future I’m sure.

Goals of the month

Nagatomo V Rubin – Nagatomo brought the ball forward from defence distributed the ball and continued his run, Milito then crosses leaving Nagatomo to volley home drawing us level late on.

Nagatomo v Rubin

 Milito V Torino – long-range effort from Milito. Mistake by Torino defence left Milito to run onto a bouncing ball, beautifully struck to give Inter the lead.

Milito v Torino

Cassano V Fiorentina – Ronnochia brought the ball out of defence, Cambiasso made a run from midfield dragging Fiorentina players out of position, dummies the ball leaving Cassano time to control shape to shoot across Viviano but tucks away at the near post sending Viviano the wrong way.

Cassano v Fiorentina

What’s happening in October

The team gelling and scoring many goals and getting lots of points hopefully. 6 games in the month of October including two in the Europa League. Neftci followed by the small matter of the derby with Milan. After an international break we have four games in 10 days. Catania at home then Belgrade at home followed by Bologna away ending the month against Sampdoria at the Guiseppe Meazza.

Star from the past

Each month I’ll mention a different Inter player from our great history. I’ll briefly talk about what they where like and what they did with their time in an Inter shirt.

Youri Djorkaeff

A player I was very fond of when I began to fall in love with Inter. A midfielder that would burst in to the box, link the team together and could find the back of the net. Most if not all Interisti when asked about Djorkaeff will mention that bicycle kick against Roma at the Guiseppe Meazza. And rightly so as it was amazing! You really don’t see goals like that often. 3 years in an Inter shirt and one Uefa Cup won in 98 with a youthful Zanetti A World Cup win in his  county for France probably made 1998 a special year. 80 appearances an a more than decent contribution of 30 goals in an Inter shirt. I miss the days of seeing him play on channel 4 on football Italia on a Sunday afternoon. A part of a great inter side full of stars such as Ronaldo and Zamarano. It is a real shame that the Inter side of that period never won a Scudetto like many of the names in that side deserved.

Youri Djorkaeff


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