Rodrigo Palacio: A surprise package

In the summer after over 12 months of rumours Palacio arrived at Inter for around 12 million euros, odd pony tail and all. After netting 19 goals for Genoa in 33 appearances which was his best season since his time at Boca in Argentina he made the move further North to Milano.

This move was met with much criticism by most Inter fans saying that’s he’s not good enough and some were only bothered by the price tag. Me, I doubted the price tag. It’s a lot of money for a player I saw as a squad player when we are short on cash trying to re build. As I said many times in the summer, we have got some good youngsters, decent experienced players but not a lot in between. That issue was addressed quite well by Branca in the summer, with signings like Garagno, Mudingayi, Pereira and Palacio.  I just thought the money spent on Palacio, a player in his 30’s was perhaps a little too much.  Palacio goal return is not bad at all prior to his arrival.  At a club that is often struggling he often carried them.  At Genoa he always seemed a handful for opposition.  Always seemed to find space and time on the ball, happy to sacrifice himself on occasions and drop deeper and work for the team and go out wide and work the flanks. Palacio just seemed to always be apart of the goals at Genoa, scoring, assists or just a key pass or move that changed the game.

After his performances in pre season, I found myself a  little disappointed when he got injured.  So i was obviously excited to see his ponytail swing around as he bangs in another goal upon his return.

So far Palacio has stepped in the field in an Inter shirt 15 times and scored 10 goals and assisted 2.  Not a bad return at all.

When he signed for Inter I thought a good squad player that will be useful on occasions when he want to sacrifice a little talent for a bit of hard work. Though only 15 appearances and a pre season I find myself eating my words, I am not saying I am suddenly going to grow a Palacio style tail in homage to the guy but I’m impressed and little excited to see him on the field.

I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way and it makes me ask in a day an age that the media and fans love an attacking player how did he become so underrated?

Palacio’s disciplined performances against Juve was good to see. He reduced the space allowed for Pirlo and seemed happy to do so and got a goal for his hard work. Palacio’s movement for his goal against Cagliari was impressive, obviously the ball from Cassano was key but be found the space moved into it and finished.

With a player like this available to the team when the odd star player is having a strop or being a little greedy Palacio could be key to any success. Any successful sides need a strong bench for rotation and to have a player that will come on and score and be key to the team or play that midweek match to rest others, perhaps 12 million well spent.

At this rate if he keeps on going will this be his highest goal scoring season?

With Goals also coming from the likes of Cassano and Milito there shouldn’t be much of a concern on the goal front. Perhaps the only problem we may have which has been evident of late is getting the ball forward to the front men and keeping it there.

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Forza Inter!

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  1. I’m pretty impressed so far as well. It’d be great to see Cassano start scoring more again as well to be honest but Palacio is certainly looking like he was almost worth the money (I say almost because Branca still paid a lot considering our financial situation)

    • I agree Simon it was a lot to pay, maybe at the end of the season it will be money well spent. I suppose the end of the season is the only time you can evaluate the previous summer signings

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