The NerazzurriWorld InterFamily

Like all the greatest families in history the Inter Family has a hierarchy of members, although there are well over two thousand members of our Twitter Inter Family there are certain members that I consider to go above and beyond in helping me, promoting me & generally work for the good of Nerazzurri World and my dream of bringing together Interisti from around the world. These members have earned the right to be considered InterFamily Capos and if you have a Twitter account these Interisti are all must follow.

Nerazzurri World Proudly Supports-

Follow @InterClubIndo on Twitter

Inter Club Indonesia

Follow @ICLebanon on Twitter

Inter Club Lebanon

Follow @InterClubLondon on Twitter
Inter Club London


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  Inter Family 6  

If you want to be promoted to our Capo ranks from the Inter Family lists then you must prove your dedication to Nerazzurri World and Don Nerazzurri by promoting both across the Internet, then when once I’m convinced that you are working hard to help the Inter family I will make you an offer 😉 just make sure I hear about all your good work for us 🙂

Inter Family Capos

@Don_Nerazzurri – ‘il Padrino’


@HusseinMarhoon – ‘King Biscione’


@Interaweh – ‘Da Vinci’


@burnerbean – ‘Scarviso’

@mshams84 – ‘The Nerazzurri Knight’


@Gigiscik – ‘il Giudice’

@LaGrande_INTER – ‘il Combattente’


@Shaz_gb – ‘Doc Nerazzurri’

@ws_interista – ‘il Meccanico’


@adizsomara – ‘il Genio’

  1. This is lovely Don!

  2. Why don’t I get email notifications of your new posts, i do with all the other wordpress I follow?

  3. hahaha whats the meaning of notorindo :p

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