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Blame the Management: The Downfall of Inter Milan

After the glory days of Jose Mourinho and the unprecedented treble, many of the Nerazzuri faithful were looking for a dynasty under the Portuguese coach, but it was never meant to be. After the departure of the legendary coach it was up to the teams management to sustain the standard of the team, but unfortunately Morrati and Co. didn’t keep up to the hopes of the fans.

After the world cup and the new names emerging from South Africa, many interistas were watching closely to see the names Morrati and Branca would add to our already strong but ageing team, where everybody noticed that after giving 110% under Mourinho in a long fought season and the harsh environment of the vuvuzela land, small touches were needed to keep up our competitiveness both in Italy and Europe, with the right coach to continue the dynasty that we all were hoping for.

Rafael Benitez was the chosen one, not a bad name in European football with 2 Spanish league titles and 2 UEFA cup winners with Valencia, and a Champions League trophy with Liverpool against AC Milan, Inters arch enemies. Benetiz asked the management for some names to impose his tactical ideas with the 4-2-3-1 formation which was opted during his time at Valencia and Liverpool. His demands were clear to get him Kuyt, Mascherano and Sanchez. Excellent names that would have fitted amazingly with any formation opted with inter. Morrati’s blinded faith with our veteran squad took another leap with the selling of our home grown wondekid Mario Ballotelli, not a bad apiece of business if reinforcements were made to strengthen the team or at least our attack knowing that Pandev was our third offensive player, yes Pandev, how could a team Giant as Inter have Pandev as his backup plan after 2 amazing strikers as Etoo and Milito. InterMilan’s management missed a great opportunity after being crowned the Kings of Europe to lure any player they want, and many top players offered themselves to play for serpents as Cavani and Mascherano, from here I knew the Grande Inter dynasty we were hoping for would never come with such management.  Don’t think I am defending Benitez, I hate him as every other Interista but I think he was treated unfairly.

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