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Celtic V Inter Review

It’s that time of year again and the upcoming season is fast approaching, the mercato is heating up and the team is starting to shape up ahead of the upcoming season. This year I was lucky enough for Inter to come to my home city of Glasgow for a friendly against Celtic to commemorate their 125th anniversary as a football club.

I was sitting in the away end just to the left of the goals with around 25 other Inter fans (more than I thought). Strama made five changes to the starting line up which faced Como midweek and again used the 4-2-3-1 with Handanovic, Silvestre at right back, Chivu and Ranocchia at centre back, il capitano at left back. The two holding midfielders were Guarin and Cambiasso. Then the three behind the striker were Sneijder directly behind Milito as striker and Jonathan on the right with Coutinho on the left of the three.

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Is There Really a Plan For The Future?

For a long time now there has been a lot of talk about a rebuilding process at Inter. Taking out the older veteran players and bringing in fresh young talent who would bring success to Inter in the years to come. Also while doing this cutting down the mountain of wages Inter were paying out and bringing in players on lower wages but who were of equal quality and could bring success in the future. However we are still talking about that to this day and I’m now wondering is this process of rebuilding actually going to happen? After numerous poor mercato’s and ridiculous transfer dealings it is almost as if we are going backwards and not forwards.

Poor Transfer Dealing’s

Part of the problem is the poor transfer dealing’s of Inter in the last few years. One simple problem is that we let go of players of high quality and bring in average players who are simply not good enough to fill the void left by the previous player. Transfers such as Diego Forlan who was brought in to replace Samuel Eto’o who had just had a fantastic season Scoring 37 goals and contributing 15 assists in all competitions. On top of this fantastic record he was our most influential player that season and he dragged us through many games in which we were struggling. Then for some baffling reason we decide to sell him and bring in Diego Forlan who was coming towards the end of his career and his best years were passed him. Also when looking for a replacement we should have been looking for a younger replacement who could play for many years to come and was of similar quality. We can’t expect to compete at the top-level when we sell our best players and replace them with mediocrity.

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Inter Milan – My First love

People have many passions in life and things that get their heart racing. For me however only one thing truly gets me going that is the mighty Nerazzurri. I bleed black and blue and it dictates my day-to-day life. I am constantly searching the internet keeping up with all the latest news about my beloved Inter and I also watch every game I possibly can. I also love watching videos of the great Inter players and teams of the past and reminding me of the great players, managers and teams Inter has been blessed with throughout the years.

I especially love watching videos of ‘il fenomeno’ the great Ronaldo. He is the main reason why I am an Inter fan and I will always be grateful to him for that. I remember as a young kid watching his unbelievable skills and his pace and power and his ability to make world-class defenders look like your average guy on the street. I was just memorized by him and as my love grew for him I also fell in love with inter. Even though Ronaldos playing career was plagued by injury I still believe he was the best player ever to step on a football pitch and even eclipses players such as Pele, Messi and Maradona. (I totally agree 🙂 – il Padrino)

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