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How To Salvage a Sinking Ship

In the aftermath of yesterdays umpteenth loss of our beloved Inter a lot of things are going through most people’s head. Everybody has a different view of how to fix things. There are calls to fire Ranieri, while at the same time the people who wanted Gasperini fired before the season even started are giving the coach a huge leash. A lot of people have given up on this season and are looking for the eternal cure of the summer expecting the team to be fixed and looking for available coaches and players and dreaming of the phoenix rising from the ashes. The press understandably are just waiting for Moratti to snap and fire his coach since this has been the way he naturally does things.

I, on the other hand, have a much simpler solution to this entire mess that will give the players, coaches, and fans huge motivation for the rest of the season. The best way to fix this situation is for Massimo Moratti to tell Claudio Ranieri that if you expect to be here only play the players you expect in your starting eleven next season. Simple! No more Stankovic because he is obviously unable to complete a simple pass anymore. No more Chivu because its obvious by now that the team will not renew his contract. No more Maicon because well now he has a knee problem and will not play and he is not as productive as seasons past. Zarate? Forlan? Milito? Pazzini? Decide who is the long-term solution and stick with him and change the teams playing style to reflect that. Don’t play Pazzini and expect to pass him the ball outside the box and have him do something with it. Emphasise wing play and cross the ball to him 10 times a game.

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