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Stretched To The Limit

There is an old and very well-known saying that goes, “Don’t bite off more than you can chew”.

We’ve all heard it before, and even sometimes with a nice porterhouse steak in front of us it’s been realised in the literal sense. However, in football terms, this particular fan is starting to see the a moral to the story unfold for Inter.

Now, I’m probably writing an article right now that won’t sit well with a lot of Interisti, and well, who could blame them. You yourself are probably sitting there right now and can see where this is going… please don’t exit your browser, patience, let me explain everything first.

Before I move forward with this article, let’s take a look back to last season, undoubtedly one of Inter’s worst. We finished in 6th spot, only barely qualifying for any European competition and with only 17 wins and a massive 14 losses. Compare that to the prior season where we finished runners-up and with 23 wins and 8 losses. I also don’t need to remind anyone here of the treble form the season before.

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Being an Interista Down Under

The Guiseppe Meazza Stadium, Milan.  Sunday the 7th of October.  Internazionale are the visitors at their home ground to bitter city rivals AC Milan. The ultras from both the Curva Nord and Curva Sud have perfectly choreographed routines to cheer on their respective sides. They are loud, proud and extremely volatile towards supporters of the opposing club. For other fans packing the stadium, the air is electric. Despite not being a sellout, the pre-match atmosphere is lively and boisterous. Flags, banners and jerseys shout out to the entire world that each fan is there for and whom they wish to see decimated after the next 90 minutes. There are few places in the world right now that are as alive as this one.

Travel 13,650 kilometres to a small, quiet pocket of the world. Perth, Western Australia. It’s 2:45 in the morning and you can’t even hear the wind outside. It’s dead still, dead quiet. The promise of daybreak is still hours away, and yet, there is one house out in the suburbs of this city where the day has already begun, only due to the events happening on the other side of the world.

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A dream of what may transpire…

This is purely speculative… well from a hopefully optimistic point of view. A quietly confident yet anxiously nervous feeling at the same time, bringing with it the flushing of old forgotten emotions straight back to the forefront of my very being. The events that will unfold in the 12/13 Serie A season and my beloved Nerazzurri once again taking their place on the top podium at the very end.

It is match day 38. Il Capitano, the legend himself, Javier Zanetti is in good spirits; his side are on the cusp of winning their 19th scudetto and their first since 2010. His squad have worked hard, they have fought hard and they have shed blood, sweat and tears for 8 months, but now they see the light at the end.

In a season that appeared as though it would reek of the same failure and mediocrity of the last, the fans have stood by them and supported them as they found inspiration and seized every single point they could.

Inter Milan are now 3 points away from victory. The league title. The championship. The scudetto.
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Why Inter Needs Fabio Capello

The news came out this morning as I got myself ready for work, “Fabio Capello resigns as England coach.” Living in Australia and being a fan of football in Europe is difficult as far as time zones go, but I try to stay up to date the best that I can. By the time I settled into my office at work news was already circulating about why he quit, about the possibility of Redknapp taking over, and then there was the inevitable – a list of clubs already rumoured to be after the Italian manager.

Seeing Tottenham as one of the clubs instantly gave me a nervous feeling. An overwhelming sense that the Nerazzurri should be doing all they can to gain the services of this remarkable tactician took over. We need to get Fabio!

After all the emotion had passed and reason began to take over, I was quite surprised that I was still of the feeling that this man would be the best manager we could get since the departure of Mourinho in 2010, and the following article will explain exactly why.

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Cycle of Success is Over but Never Dead at Inter

It’s beyond doubt now that Wesley Sneijder is no longer the asset that he was in the ‘09/10 treble winning season at Inter. Having lost 2 out of their last three games and drawing most recently against Palermo, the dream run that the Nerazzurri has had since December has now come to a halt.

Without trying to connect dots and blame recent results on just one player, a true fan of Inter Milan knows just how important the Dutch playmaker is to the squad. When he is in form, of course.

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