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  1. Hello Fans,
    My name is Mustafa Sharif, and I am the newest member of the IMFW community. I live in the USA, but my father is and immigrant from Kenya in East Africa. He has worked for Fiat, an Italian Motors Company, so he remembers spending time with us enjoying Italian football as well. He has always told me about how special that team was, and it was passed on to me. I have been an Inter Tifosi most of my life. I love the colours and I am proud to wear the kit wherever I go. If you’d like more info about me and my talents, also visit my blog at: 

    I am exceptionally talented in communicating my ideas to others, and I have won great comments from popular Italian journalists for my work that covers Serie A as well as European football. 

    Hopefully my passion for the sport will be effectively communicated through this Inter(national) blog, so be sure to visit this site for more updates to come!

    Follow me on Twitter at @Sharif_96 for more of my footy updates when you want to kill time! Always appreciated.

    Grazie, Interisti!!!

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