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InterLegend: Giuseppe Bergomi

Giuseppe Bergomi like Inter’s other two great captains, Giacinto Facchetti and more recently Javier Zanetti was fiercely loyal to his beloved Inter.  For many years Bergomi held the record for most appearances for the Nerazzurri, though he has recently lost this achievement to the forever young ‘il Capitano’ Zanetti who is still adding to his impressive total.

Bergomi was born in Milano on the 22nd December 1963, His career as a defender began at a young age when he started training with Inter’s first team at the age of just 16 and made his full professional debut a year later.  He went on to spend 20 years with the Nerazzurri, for many years wearing the captains armband.

From a young age Bergomi wore a moustache that earned him the nickname that he was affectionately known as “Lo zio” (“the uncle”).  In his 20 years with the mighty Inter he made an astonishing 519 appearances in Serie A scoring 23 goals, which isn’t a bad tally when you consider he played as a right back or center back.  The loyalty he showed during his years with Inter only earned him a single Scudetto in the 1988/89 season when Inter won their 13th title beating the legendary Maradona era Napoli by a huge 11 points.  This title was testament to the defensive capabilities of Bergomi and Inter as there was only 19 goals conceded and they only lost two games in the league.  The Scudetto win also led to Bergomi lifting the Italian Supercoppa too.

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Inter Milan – My Addiction

My time as an Inter fan.

Burnerbean's Daughter being taught the important things in life from a young age!

My name is Mark , I’m an Inter fan and I’m addicted to the Nerazzurri.  People say you only use one side of your brain, I challenge that (even though I can’t prove it) I’m sure that one half of mine is black and blue and the oxygen it needs is provided by the day-to-day life as an Inter fan, for me that’s checking the Fan sites, buying old and new Inter shirts playing on FIFA and Football Manager as our mighty Nerazzurri. I love to spend time watching Youtube videos reading the latest news and checking fan sites and buying old programmes with legends in from times as such as the 60’s.  Where would I be with out the passion for our great club.

I have wondered should I have grown up out of this? Is this what my wife should be having as a husband, a guy addicted to a team that controls his moods on match day and that the purchase of the latest shirt can bring such happiness?

I recently joined Twitter, and very quickly got the impression that there are others all around the world like me maybe even more addicted than I am but equally as passionate.  I am still amazed by all of our supporters around the world and everyday technology allows me to read the views of our proud Interisti and everyday read translated articles straight from Italy and share opinions with others like me.

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The Ultimate Inter Line-up Of All Time – Who Made The Squad?

A couple of weeks ago while watching clips of old Inter matches on YouTube I started thinking about who would be in my ultimate starting line up of all time, this wasn’t quite as easy as i thought it would be as the more i thought about it the more quality players from Inter’s history came to mind and I ended up with a 8-10-6 formation which of course is ridiculous & I may as well have just written a post about all the greats of Inter’s history, which would be a very long job so i decided to find out who my fellow Interista would say deserved to be in the ultimate line-up. To keep things consistent i decided to go with the formation that i feel suits Inter’s players the best, so i asked my followers on Facebook & Twitter what their ultimate line-up would be on a 4-3-1-2 formation and i got some great replies, though it soon became clear that certain players were on pretty much all the answers, meaning that again i ended up with more players than i needed so the line-up is made up of the most voted for 11.
As we all know since they were formed in 1908 Inter have had some of the greatest players to ever grace a football field and as I received the replies this was shown clearly, just to give you an idea of the quality involved some of the names that didn’t make the cut were Lothar Matthäus, Armando Picchi, Roberto Baggio & Samuel Eto’o. These names alone are better than some big teams greatest names but the ones that were chosen I believe, & the results prove are the best of the best Nerazzurri legends.
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